5 Easy Tips to Built Audience Engagement

"YouTube"  its not just a word or a fun platform, nowadays it has become the second largest search engine. For every context, people come here with their queries like study materials, seeking fun, reviews of any specific product and many more  which  makes it more than an application. YouTube is a  online class for students, platform for talent, place of business demonstration and what not. The way it is for the  internet surfers is not same that for a  YouTuber   its completely different for the YouTuber who upload  videos on their channel for surfers to view ,like ,comment and share their content and subscribe to their channel as the surfer has many videos of different YouTuber  to view  in such competition its really very important for a YouTuber to upload a very engaging content. For a  YouTuber it doesn't matter what and how good content  he  makes and uploads on his channel, views and the audience engagement on his videos is the ultimate  aim of the YouTuber .

I am going to share few  tips  for making more  interesting content  to built audience engagement:-

1)To the point content

Whenever an user searches for answer of his question  he is actually willing to get the correct and useful answer without wasting his time basically its like an exam  where user is the examiner seeking for the "to the point "answer of the asked question. So try to make meaningful and interesting content. One  should not put in useless content in between just to built  engagement of the audience as it will not work .

2) Quality Audio/Video

The content and the information shared in the video   is the heart  or USP  of the video. So If one has done very good work and made a very useful interesting  video   but the audio or video quality  of the  content is not good i.e. the user in not able to see or hear the  information properly  he will straightaway leave the video, so its very important that one should  use quality audio/ video devices to avoid such loss of audience.

3) Confident and Energetic

Energy  do travels from the speaker to the audience  so while shooting any video a YouTuber should look confident of what he is speaking and the way of talking has to be energetic it actually plays a very important role in overall  audience engagement. If we take an example of news channels and reporters  from earlier at the time of DOORDARSHAN  to now , one of the major reason of people to move from DOORDARSHAN to modern news channels is the energetic and confident way to present  the content, so  the energy which the YouTuber possess, the same will travel to the audience. If its confident, the audience will surely like it and engage to  it.

4) Language and graphics of the video.

If we take YouTube videos as a business and YouTuber as a businessman  then its very important for a YouTuber to identify his target audience  who will get him views  for his videos and subscribers for his channel that is why  everything has to be according to them,  their mind set and most important is the language which they understand and prefer, no matter how good and useful content YouTuber has made and PICTURISED in his video if his audience  is not able to understand and relate with it the content is useless  so be wise while choosing the language and graphics for the video.

5) Thumbnail

In a   product, packaging  plays a very important role which  attracts the consumer first and creates a curiosity in their mind to know more  about the product  and fall in love with that  which is exactly same with the . videos also. The thumbnail is the packaging of the video it has to be attractive according to the mind set of the target audience  it  should be a kind of making " LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" possible  and  an interest could  be built  just by looking at  the thumbnail of the video, not only the video talks but the poster or the thumbnail also  speaks a lot. So the thumbnail is the first impression and as we all know " FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION "  so be wise in Creation of your video thumbnail.


We will share more interesting factors that will lead to engage more audience for your channel. So stay tuned and stay connected with us through this platform.