5 Reasons To Buy YouTube Views

With 80 percent of total Internet traffic set to be Video-based by 2020, the numbers don’t lie when they say the future of Youtube online marketing videos.

The reality that YouTube is also only second to its sister network, Google, in the battle for search engine supremacy and the third most visited site across the world, there is small or no wonder as to why brands, companies, marketers, startups, entrepreneurs and everyday individuals are genuinely concerned about getting their content on Youtube.

But it’s one thing to upload ultra 4k video that everyone can watch, it’s another thing for your videos to get real numbers of views you want leave the desired impression with your target audience.

If you’re looking to test waters or still undecided on whether buying YouTube likes and views is the next tips for you, here are some solid reasons to buy YouTube views and YouTube likes.

1. Google is parent company

YouTube is owned by Google which tops the list of search engines for many decennary now. Google has set very top-level standards to provide the best possible customer experience when it comes to watching videos.

While the other players in the mania count video viewing for just 3 seconds as a view, YouTube considers 30 seconds Youtube video watching time as one view. This unforced challenge taken up by YouTube makes it stand tall amidst the other players in this mind game. Buying YouTube video views thus increases your genuine levels too.

2. Cost effective & commercially viable

Anyone who wants to make their product reach nook and corner needs to put in strong efforts for the same. Traditional advertising methods involve tired processes involving huge costs. Buying YouTube views can make the video go viral within seconds. The effort and cost involved is also absolutely minimum on a comparative scale.

3. Rank higher on searches

As at today, YouTube’s video statistics stands at a billion viewer visits every day. While it means that the site is an excellent platform to feed your audience and market your brand, it also means that you will need to put in good efforts to get your own share of those visits.

So, how do you do this? By buying YouTube views, you can rank higher on top of searches both within the YouTube and on Google. This is because Google uses a search algorithm that support YouTube content and since the number of views and likes are important criteria, buying YouTube views and likes from a high-quality provider is an enough way to be found and stay relevant in the searches.

You will need to bear in mind that you should be buying from a professional and high-quality provider like likeforge.com to ensure that you get traffic of users that actually watch your videos as watch time is just as important in ranking your video SEO.

4. Increase the chances of your content going viral

Two things we need to mostly require to boost any video content to go viral are views and shares. While you may not be able to buy shares, buying YouTube video likes and views is a significant way to convince viewers to see your Youtube content. Giving your video content that initial push can help give it the much-needed impression to ensure that no one can ignore it when it ranks highest on search engine results.

From accruing more organic or real likes and views in addition to the bought likes, you increase the likelihood of your content being shared and if it’s just as interesting a half of total effort you’re willing to put in, you’re definitely on your way to landing a youtube viral hit.

5. Confidence booster

Increasing youtube video views basically act as a confidence booster. The inflatednumbers of views that elevated the confidence level of the person who posted the video.This creates a sense of responsibility in people to create more top quality videos with authentic and value adding information.

On the other hand, many more youtube subscribers are roped to view the videos that exhibit high levels of consistency. Buying YouTube views acts as the basis to increase the views which directly impacts the confidence levels of content creators.