Expel and Disable Comments on YouTube Videos

Of course, other individuals can leave remarks on your distributed YouTube recordings. For the most part, if a video gets more remarks, it implies it's progressively prominent on YouTube. Be that as it may, some pernicious men leave discourteous, demonizing, and irritating remarks on your YouTube recordings, and a few people publicize their organizations/items utilizing the prominence of your recordings, which may give the video watchers a terrible impression. For this situation, you might need to stow away, evacuate, or incapacitate remarks on your YouTube recordings. Presently, this page will tell the best way to do this.

Choice 1: Disable all remarks on a YouTube video

Choice 2: Disable all remarks on YouTube channel

Choice 3: Hide or expel remarks on YouTube recordings


Choice 1: Disable all remarks on a YouTube video

Stage 1: Go to YouTube and sign in your record.

Stage 2: Go to My Channel.

Stage 3: Click Video Manager.

Stage 4: In the recordings list, find the video on which you need to handicap the remarks, click the drop-down bolt beside Edit catch and afterward select Info and Settings in the drop-down rundown.

Stage 5: Below the video, select Advanced settings. So as to handicap all remarks on this YouTube video, simply need to uncheck the checkbox alongside "All remarks" and afterward click "Spare changes" in the lower right corner of this page to apply the changes.


Alternative 2: Disable all remarks for all recordings on your YouTube channel

Stage 1: Sign in your YouTube account.

Stage 2: Go to My Channel - > Video Manager.

Stage 3: Click on DASHBOARD on the left-side sheet, and afterward select COMMUNITY - Comments to go to the "Remarks" page. Snap on the "Settings" button on the right-side sheet of this page to go to "Network settings" page.

Stage 4: Scroll down and find the "Default settings" area. Check "Handicap remarks" in both the "Remarks on your new recordings" area and the "Remarks on your channel" segment, and afterward click on "Spare" in the upper right corner of this page to apply the progressions with the goal that you can incapacitate all remarks on your new YouTube recordings just as on your entire YouTube channel.


Alternative 3: Hide or evacuate remarks on YouTube recordings

In the event that you simply need to cover up or erase some undesirable remarks on your recordings, do as pursues.

Stage 1: Sign into your YouTube account.

Stage 2: Click on your head picture and afterward click Creator Studio.

Stage 3: Click COMMUNITY and select Comments to go to the "Remarks" area.

Stage 4: Under the "Distributed remarks" tab, it shows all the distributed remarks on all your YouTube recordings. Find the remark you need to stow away or erase. Snap on the "Waste" button with the goal that you can expel this remark, and snap the little banner catch and select "Conceal this present client's remarks on this channel" so you can shroud this present client's remark on your recordings.