How Can You lose Your Youtube Monetization?

Youtube is a great way to make money through your channel. It allows you to create content and showcase your talent with so many perks and monetization being one of them. Since youtube gives you access to so many tools you need to work according to their rules and should not violate any policy.

 When you try to breach their wall of limitations it can get resulted in deactivation of your channel, removal of a video or losing monetization. Any user who successfully follows all the Youtube community guidelines and policies will never lose access to youtube monetization.

Five Factors To Keep In Mind To Avoid Demonetization

 There are a few simple factors that you need to be mindful of if you want to avoid youtube demonetization


  1. Copyright Strikes


Youtube has a very firm and strict policy regarding copyright and patent issues. Generally, videos that are 100% unique and don't include any third party work like audio, video, interface or video games are eligible for youtube monetization.

You have the liberty to post it but it gets approved for monetization only when it fits the guidelines and does not breach any policy of youtube.


  1. No Uploads Until Six Months


You must be an active user and post your content regularly on your channel then only you will be eligible for youtube monetization.

 According to the guidelines if your channel has no uploads for over six months then youtube has the right to cancel your monetization agreement.

Therefore, try to be consistent in posting and creating videos for your channel and keep your subscribers engaged so that they want to keep coming back to your channel.


  1. 4000 Watch Time In One Year


This is the most critical point in youtubes monetization policy where people get misunderstood.

You don't need to go into a dilemma regarding this point because it simply means that all your videos should have 4000 hours of watch time at least from across the globe in the duration of one year.

 If you fail to fulfil this requirement youtube will discontinue your monetization. Try and complete the required watch hours for your channel.


  1. 1000 Subscribers


It is as simple as you should have at least 1000 subscribers for your youtube channel.

You will only be approved for monetization if you have a 1000 subscriber list on your channel but this does not work once and for all meaning you should try to maintain the count throughout because when you get approved for monetization and then your number decreases from 1000 then youtube has right to remove your monetization.

 Therefore, you need to maintain the graph of 1000 subscribers on your channel to avoid your removal.


  1. Breaching Youtubes Community Guidelines


As youtube is a worldwide platform that gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and create content no matter whatever is your belonging is therefore it does not promote any offensive element in your video like racism, body shaming, misleading content, or hatred etc.

You need to make videos that are user-friendly and do not advertise any offensive material.



The bottom line of this information is that if you continue to follow the youtube guidelines without violating any rules then you will continue enjoying the perks of youtube monetization. Be mindful of what you create and post on youtube.