Youtube is the world's largest online video sharing and social media platform. Its parent organization is Google and it was launched in February 2005. When you will log in to youtube you will see many videos on your homepage as recommendations or of the channels you have subscribed to. Now, how does youtube knows what video is of your interest, what content are you looking for, and what video can hold your eyes or can help you? The concept that runs behind this is the youtube algorithm, it observes your previous searches, your liked videos, and your subscriptions and then based on it customizes the recommendations in real-time. Youtube will keep an eye on what you exactly watch in content and after watching user behaviour it focuses on finding the right video for you. Let's get a closer insight into how does the youtube algorithm work?


The first video aired on youtube was in February 2005. Initially, from 2005 to 2011 youtube used to function differently. What you see now is evolved version but in the beginning, youtube used to focus on just increasing the clicks or views. It is used to recommend videos that will attract views irrespective of the content a viewer is actually looking for. There was no relevance to viewers' interest and what they are actually watching which led to dissatisfaction, annoyance, misguiding titles, inappropriate thumbnails etc. in other words it was clickbait plummeting user experience. 
Later, from 2012 to 2015 youtube started focusing on the watch time of the user. It altered its recommendations and tried to entice people by increasing the watch time of each video. This happened to make sure that viewers are getting videos according to their interests. For a while, this worked but then creators started making shorter videos in order to get more views and likes. This also led in vain with all the efforts and all the time spent. 
Lastly, from 2016 to the present youtube improvised its guideline, search pages, recommendations, monetary sources etc. Now whatever recommendations are shown matters equally for both content creators and advertisers for youtube. It has strictly followed its guidelines after improvising. All these small big alterations have increased youtube's size and popularity without any misleading information. Obviously, harmful content is still available but that doesn't breach the guidelines or rules of youtube. 

Key points in the youtube algorithm:

Youtube has mainly three sources wherein you will find videos. Firstly, its homepage, secondly, what we search for, and lastly, your subscribed channels. Youtube has focused on these three major angles and it worked positively. After studying, analysing and improvising youtube made three main goals which created an impact on youtube. These three goals are:

? Personalisation:

This is one side of a triangle. Personalisation majorly depends on what you do after launching youtube. It observes your likes, dislikes, searches etc. Once it is done with the analysis then it collects all the data and uses it in your favour by recommending related content and videos. 

?   Performance:

This is related to how a video is performing on youtube after upload which is determined by average view duration, click-through rate, likes and dislikes. It functions like initially, it will appear on the homepage but if maths don't go well then it will start disappearing from more viewer's homepages. 

? Keywords: 

This is the last angle of a triangle. Keywords are those tools which determine what type of content are you watching and it will help youtube in suggesting the rest good videos. For example, you love watching cooking recipes so you will search for something now that will become your keyword. This information will be used by the youtube algorithm to suggest you good cooking videos. 
This is the whole math behind how the youtube algorithm works but you can use it to your advantage by following some steps. Below are some tips that you can implement to increase your views, watch time and likes- 
  1. ? You should do good keyword research prior to any upload. This can bring numbers to you without any hassle. 
  2. ? Create such an impactful thumbnail that people could not resist going to your link and spent a good time watching your video.
  3. ? Make meaningful content that whoever watches your video thinks it was worthy. Don't 
  4. use your content to mislead anyone. 
  5. ? You can try going beyond youtube and solicit your views from other external sources. You can try promoting your video on other platforms and let your audience engage by chatting on live sessions, or commenting. 
  6. ? Post content on your audience's demand. Obviously, it is not possible to make videos 
  7. for every single person but collectively show the same content. 


That is how the whole youtube algorithm works with all the changes and improvisations made over decades. If you are a YouTuber start implementing it in your videos to get a blast.  Hopefully, you found your answer and it was obliging.