Is youtube advertising An Effective Tool? 3 Main Reason For Its Effectiveness

Youtube is a well-known online video sharing platform which has users from across the globe where you can create, share, like and subscribe to video content accordingly.

 But it does not end with this, youtube provides many other facilities to their users to explore and grow their channel and youtube advertising is one of them.

Youtube advertising is regulated and run by youtubes parent organisation google. It is through google ads that you can advertise your video content via ads which appear in two major ways, firstly, it can be played before a user starts watching another channels video and secondly, it can appear in the search results for viewers to watch it in full.

Almost everyone is familiar with youtube ads and how does it appear with a number of 4 billion viewers every day you can really boost your channels growth.

So, youtube advertising is overall a great facility provided for their users to build views and enhance their youtube channel. Along with this facility, you should be aware of why is it effective and what are the benefits of youtube advertising.

There are many contributing factors to this and the following are some reasons why youtube is an effective marketing tool.


Reasons why youtube advertising is effective

There are many ways to advertise your product or service to people like traditional methods of printing your ad in the newspaper, distributing pamphlets, poster holdings, television ads etc but amongst all these youtube advertising is the most effective solution digitally.


  1. Generous viewers

Recent statistics show that Youtube has over 4 billion users every single day and over 4500 watch hours on a daily basis from all around the world.

This implies that you have an audience that is reachable from different corners of the world and they are active users of youtube which means they will pay more attention to your advertising than people generally.

It is very effective because of the fact that viewers want to watch the selected video at that very moment but if an ad pops up then they wait until the video starts which automatically engages them to pay attention to that specific advertisement.

While watching or waiting for a video to start usually a viewer avoids multitasking, fast-forwarding or switching which involves them in watching the ad as well.


  1. Huge target audience

The other methods of advertising your content are less effective as compared to youtube advertising because it has a very strong target audience control.

Youtube advertising allows you to use many digital tools to filter your audience is obtain the best results out of your campaign.

 It gives you access to keywords context which will grow your viewers, demographic status which lets you reach diverse gender, age and communities, topics which are based on frequent searches, and affinity audience which allows you to reach your interested and potential customers, In-market prospects which give you an audience who are searching for relevant products and services that you offer, and remarks based customers which will reach you on their previous interactions and experience with your channel.

Therefore, youtube advertising is an advanced level-up tool for you.


  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measurements

Youtubes advanced digitalised advertising tools help you in improvising your campaign with quick adjustments which makes it very efficient.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is an effective and useful tool offered to you which helps in targeting the audience, setting goals, enhancing click-through rate etc that consequently resulting in optimal campaigning and maximised leads.

You can watch your channel grow with full control and even analyse the factors that are creating a hindrance to growth. All this digital equipment offered by youtube advertising collectively improvises your channel and directs it to desired results.


Benefits of youtube advertising

There are countless benefits of youtube advertising because of its effectiveness and advancement. When you implement the youtube marketing strategy it can result in one of the best moves for a marketer.  Following are some reasons that justify why is it so.


  1. Cost-effective

One of the biggest disadvantages of advertising your product or service publicly is that it can burn a hole in your pocket but this factor gets eliminated when it comes to youtube advertising.

It is one of the most cost-effective methods for running a campaign for your brand promotions.


  1. High target results

Youtube advertising is extremely helpful when it comes to targeting the exact audience that you are seeking for your brand.

It gives access to many digital tools like keyword research, on-topic search, relevant leads, remarking, affinity audience, and In-market prospects which results in targeting the goal you set.


  1. More interactive

Youtube advertising is very interactive as compared to other advertisement platforms.

It engages the audience by conducting surveys and displaying relevant ads that they are searching for. This enhances the interactions between the viewers and the brand without actually meeting personally.


  1. Easy to analyse

The maths in youtube advertising is very easy and basic. It does not need any technical skills or you don't need to be an engineer to decode the metrics.

You can easily understand the algorithm and analytics behind the data collected from your campaign and ads.

You get full access to insights into what is happening or why is a factor becoming a hindrance in your promotion.



The bottom line of this article is that youtube advertising is the best and most effective option out there to do your promotions or run a campaign for your brand. It offers all the convenience that a marketer needs for an advertisement.