How one YouTube Comment Sparked an Epic Trend

A trended comment appears on YouTube to flag your attention so that you can interact with the comment more easily. Neither users nor creators choose to trend comments, and it is not good or bad when this happens – the feature is just meant to help you navigate comments that might be of interest to you. Here is what you need to know about trended comments on YouTube.

On YouTube, trended comments serve many purposes. At a starting level, however, they are there to grab your attention so you can interact with the comment. And for clarification, only you can see them — they are not public. Here is a more detailed breakdown of what trended comments mean on the platform:

What trended comment means on YouTube.

When you see the words "Trended Comment" appear above a comment next to user's username, it can mean several things.For example, if someone replies to your comment on a video, you may get a notification from YouTube. When you click through to the page, you will see that comment with the "Trended Comment" tag, thereby making it easier for you to find. The same goes if it is your video and someone posts a comment — when you click on the notification, the comment will become a trended comment at the top of the section so you can more simply reply to it. When you click on a comment's timestamp, whether it's your video or not, it also highlights that comment, making it appear at the top of the comments section of YouTube, even above a pinned comment. Keep in mind that when you do this, the video will reload and the user who created that comment will get a message back that says, "Highlighted Reply."

‘Now Everything is Binod on Social Media’: How one YouTube comment sparked the most bizarre meme trend

For example:- if you see latest trend on social media is Binod. It all started with a video put out by YouTube channel creator Slayy Point, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to explore the comments section in one of their videos. Soon their sarcastic take on one such comment gave birth to a social media meme trend.

While its hard to predict the next trend on Social Media, the latest inclusion to the bucket list of jokes is #Binod memes.  The latest trend has left most users perplexed, wondering ‘who this viral Binod is’, while others guessed what the ‘real Binod must be feeling’ — the platform is abuzz with sarcastic jokes and hilarious photo captions. 

Why are Binod memes Trending? 

The creators tried many funny situations when to every question asked, the answer was only one: Binod. Soon, many Indian YouTubers noticed Binod being written all over their comments and it quickly became a trend on the social media platform. Cut to August, this comment from their video has now caught the attention of many desi meme-makers, so much so that hashtag Binod has become the top trend on Twitter. 

Now, just like people thought everything is cake, desi people are thinking everything is Binod.