how significant is YouTube as a search engine

YouTube is world second most used search engine. YouTube is not only a website it’s a search engine with billions of user in all over world. YouTube is a very friendly and best platform for everyone. Either we can easily use YouTube and do as per our need. YouTube serve us what we want. That’s why YouTube is used by everyone on daily basis. YouTube has vast users on daily basis. YouTube serve us many informative things that’s why user of YouTube active on that website on daily basis. YouTube collab with google. Google always show YouTube content on his platform to promote YouTube videos

Relationship between google and YouTube

Relationship between google and YouTube is like parent children. Google signified YouTube video. Whenever user search anything on google YouTube give first priority to YouTube videos rather than other sites. Rather than YouTube and google are two very different things.YouTube helps you to show only videos content while google helps user to find anything videos, post, common search anything. Google and YouTube is a biggest competitor of each other rather than this google promote YouTube videos. Google and YouTube are most used website till the date but google always show friendly behavior towards YouTube.

Importance Of YouTube

Like nowadays YouTube is most used website. Due to busy schedule users want to grieve knowledge in entertainment method. They don’t want to spend that much time on reading things and understanding things. YouTube is a platform on which users get visual content. Which is mind relaxing and so comfortable to users. That’s why youtube is a important thing in daily life. We can call youtube e-learning platform. It content many knowledgeable content and everthing for every users. Easily what we want youtube help us.

Top most used search engines

  1. Google
  2. Youtube
  3. Amazon
  4. facebook
  5. Bing
  6. Baidu

Main reason of having popularity of youtube is a great relation between YouTube and google.

Why is YouTube on the top of search engine

Google has many users which no one can bit because google is the first priority of every users rather than using other search engine like bing etc. google and youtube shares a friendly bond towards each other. That’s why google give first priority to youtube videos. Whenever we search anything on google, google show youtube videos related to that topic.  Google always show what user want to see. Google and youtube both give us email facility where we have to login our email, so google link both our youtube and other searches.

Before google and youtube in 2006, yahoo is most used search engine around world. But yahoo has many facilities other than  searching things. But when you visit google page you find that there is only one bar which is very easy for users to operate. Youtube has many functions that other platform don’t have.