How To Get High Retention YouTube Views

How to keep audience stay connected to your channel is a huge task for YouTuber. Retention= the length of time that YouTube viewer remain watching your video. Every day billions of people spend their minimum 25 to 30 minutes on YouTube. There are many ways to get view like organically or inorganically.


High retention YouTube view means how much time period does viewer spend on your video. No one can gain view only on basis of making long term videos. If you make a video so long but there is no any knowledgeable thing for viewer, they can easily move on to other YouTuber video because they have many options. So binding viewers to your channel is a tough task for any YouTuber. YouTube has many criteria. YouTube give you many on basis of your view but having make your video on top of rank is a tough for all YouTuber. 

How to get views

Put your content clear and on point.
Keep your video short and knowledgeable.
Don’t try to make your video too boring and lengthy.
Try to gain more subscribers so that your video automatically reaches to them. 
Do strong SEO on your YouTube channel.
Arrange your YouTube page so that audience easily go to your next video.
All the views are depending on your content. Strong SEO helps you to keep connect to your audience. 

How YouTube count views.

when viewer watch your video more than 30 second YouTube count it as a 1 count. Like 50 times your video play by viewers you gain 50 views. There is also a big question that is rewatching video helps us to gain view? Then the answer is yes. Rewatching video also helps to gain view. 

Is cheating YouTube view is possible?

 Yes, cheating YouTube view is possible. We also know that cheating everywhere is possible. There are many sites who sells us fake view Like helps you to gain more view on money. People use this stunt to gain publicity and show off.
Ex. many YouTuber like Badshah singer use a paid stunt to gain view. Which is just a showoff stunt. 

Is buying view is illegal in term of YouTube?

No buying view on YouTube is not illegal in anyway. But there are some term and condition on which your video checked. Buying view doesn’t mean that YouTube delete your video or down your ranking. But surely it may help you to lose your reputation and subscribers

How much video paid for videos? 

YouTube has many criteria on which YouTube paid YouTubers. but commonly YouTube pays on basis of view. Like if a video get 1000 view YouTube paid you 50 Indian rupees. So, gaining high retention view is very important.

Here are some sites that are selling fake views

Follower package


If you want to stay on YouTube for long time. want to became a famous YouTuber try to put your content strong and work on SEO. organic view helps us to catch your goal. Because audience are not fool.