When someone is an affiliate of a company, he/she gets a unique link from the company they are promoting. When someone visits that link and buys a product from that link, he/she gets credit for it and earns what’s known as an affiliate commission, which is basically a fixed percentage of the product price.


YouTube affiliate marketing is an online business model where creators generate revenue by adding affiliate links for products or services, they recommend to videos they create and upload. These links are usually kept within annotations, or beneath the video in the ‘Description’ area.

Usually, a YouTube Channel would make the revenue from adverts displayed on videos it uploads. A YouTube Affiliate makes videos with the aim of getting the audience to buy products from a 3rd party site, such as Amazon. Each time a user buys a product using that link, the creator gets a referral commission.

The video may be a review of the product or an unboxing video

It is very easy and simple to start. Once you have made your own content, your video, what you can do is you can sign up for an affiliate program, and then you can start placing YouTube affiliate links in your videos.

Normally, how a YouTube channel makes money is through its advertisements displayed on the videos. But if we talk about a YouTube affiliate his major motive will be to let you buy products from a 3rd party site, for example, Amazon, Flip kart. You get a referral commission whenever any user buys products using that link. (Depending on the category for Amazon it's around 2-7%).

 The video can be an unboxing video or a let's play video or review of a product that influences the audience to purchase the product.  And it is very easy and simple to get started. Once a creator has made the video, they can sign up to an affiliate program (this can usually be instantaneous) and then start placing YouTube affiliate links in their videos.

Is It Possible to Make Money as a Small YouTube Channel?

It is possible to make money from a small YouTube channel but your focus should always be to grow your channel. You should aim at growing your channel. What you get at the end of the day like just 100 views this will have the wrong effect either you will feel demotivated or it will cause you to lose your focus. So, focus on growing your channel.

Your judging criteria for your channel should be how many views you are getting, in the beginning, and not how much money it’s making. By refining your technique in promotion, video content editing, and interacting with your audience, slowly these numbers will rise and your channel will start growing. 

When you begin getting a touch of traction and you're spending numerous weeks doing this, that is the point at which I'd prescribe to begin building affiliated links into your videos. It's a similar case as making another site there's no reason for adding advertisements to your page when you don't have any online visits. Work on content first, at that point once you have a respectable traffic stream, at that point begin to deal with monetization.