How to promote your Youtube video for free: AdsTube India

Do you also want more views, likes and comments in your videos? So you need not to be depressed, we are back again with our latest blog in which we will mentioning 10 best free ways to promote your youtube video. So, without taking your further time, let’s start our most useful blog:

If we look into today’s scenario, YouTube has become the platform where every business or normal user finds more convenient to deliver their message to a large group of audience at once. There are already N number of YouTubers who are successfully running their youtube channel and have enough audience engagement. So if you also want to get the same number of engagement, you need to stand out from them. For generating maximum number of views, you must make use of all possible promotional tactics that would help you in achieving your main objective.

So, let’s discuss all 10 best free ways one by one :

Collaborating with other creators

If you want to gain popularity among the audience without any paid tools try to collaborate with the creators who have similar audience that you also wanted to target and also having similar subscribers. For example collaborate with the creators who are having the same number of subscribers as you are having. Try to make the content very compelling so that the other creators want to collaborate with you for the promotion of their videos. This will help you in promoting your with you at no price.

Catch your ideal audience

Before uploading any video frame a proper mindset that to whom you want to show your video in order to get maximum number of views. Firstly try to gain the popularity among your ideal audience so that you can gain your defined number of views and after that it promote your video on higher level so that your gained popularity acts as a base.

Optimizing metadata

While uploading your YouTube video figure out the proper descriptions that suits well to your video. Before uploading video always optimize your meta data which includes titles, tags, description because it contributes a lot in ranking video.

Video distribution

If you want more views, likes and comments to your video never forget to share your video on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter because it acts as a major source for bringing more audience towards your video.

Creating playlist

Whenever you are uploading a video try to keep it in a specific category by creating playlist so that it is easily differentiable among all the other videos of your channel and the user does not have to search a lot. Moreover it also helps in increasing views because when the user visits your channel he can't stop himself by watching more of your videos.

Making email list

Always make a record of your subscribers email id and also try to gain email id from your social media platforms. For example- In case of LinkedIn import the email ID of your connections and making the list of it so that whenever you upload your next video you can directly push a notification which will definitely e help in increasing your views.

Setup YouTube SEO

As we all have seen that whenever we search for something on Google almost 70% off the results contain YouTube videos. So by keeping proper target set of keywords in your videos description it will ultimately help in falling your video on the search engine result page.

Using compelling thumbnail

So in this case, take a example of yourself only. Whenever you search for something on YouTube, you always click on that video whose thumbnail is impressive or answers most of your question. suiting in the same manner try to create a compelling thumbnail so that you can get maximum number of clicks on your video.

Interacting with audience

Never forget to interact with your fans because for better results two way communication is very important it helps in understanding that what your fans are demanding for. For this you can go for live streaming option on YouTube. And also never forget to respond to your fans comments because real engagement matters the most.

Including call to action

Try to include call to action so that you can hint your fans that you want from them. Like at the end of video always asking for not forget to subscribe to our channel or share our video to whom you think it would be relevant.



Well these were some best freeways which can definitely help you in promoting your video. So go and give a try to these ways which will ultimately help you to gain more traffic.