Youtube is an only platform after google where people spend their most of time while using smart phones and electronic gadgets. Like viewers there are millions of YouTuber on YouTube. On a single topic there are bunches of content available on YouTube.

Trending on YouTube is not just a luck it’s all depend on your content. Strategic content and regular posts helps your video goes viral and increase a chance to goes viral.

If you want your video to goes viral, Focus on content and make sure that you are putting out trending videos and grab an opportunities to build your brand reputation and gain audience engagement.. You shouldn’t just create videos for the sake of creating videos. You should be trending.

                                                          Way to trend on your video

Create long form video content

Longer videos help your videos attract more viewers than short videos. Nor too small nor too long, around 8 minute of videos in 250% better than 5 minutes of videos. I think video time duration depends on your topic. If your topic is about cooking maximum 8 minute is enough, if you stretch your video unnecessary viewers get bored , close your and video and switch to other channels. Be regular on your channel and upload trending topics.

Promote your video quickly


Share your video after uploading. Because youtube focus on how many views and watch time get on your videos. Share as much as you can within 36 hours.

This can be via your social channels, your blogs. Whatever it is, your goal is to get as many views as possible in the beginning for your video to pay off. Once you get that, you can serve your targeted audience later.

Use an engaging Thumbnail

The video thumbnail images, the little bit of the video that shows once hovering on your video, and therefore thumbnail of your videos attract viewers and also make viewers understand that what is your all about.

Your thumbnail should be engaging enough to create folks stand in their tracks and click on. Avoid that thumbnail that are topic diverting never try to use fake thumbnail because once you get views on video but never get subscribers and permanent views.

 Optimize Meta Data for Better Search and Visibility

Video production alone is not enough for your company or agency. It’s vital  of your YouTube videos. This includes your title, your tags, and description.

The goal is to write something compelling without revealing everything in the video. Describe in detail what the video is about but don’t go overboard.

Don’t forget to include call to action links in your description – remember that’s the whole point of your YouTube marketing. Finally, never ever fill your description with tags. There’s an actual field for the tags.

Stick with Your Brand’s Image

If you are not sure of a certain video content, ask your production company to modify it to suit your channel or audience. Don’t experiment for the heck of it because bad videos hurt your channel.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try to keep things fresh. However, your videos are a part of your brand, so you want to make sure the messaging is consistent. That way, you won’t scare off the audience base you’ve built.