Monetization duration for new channel

On an average globally people spend 7 to 8 hours a week on YOUTUBE, which is likely to increase at the end of the 2021. Which is a very good opportunity for you to start and create your own Youtube channel and get your channel monetized.

There is a procedure by Youtube to get your channel monetization for which you need to complete these simple tasks through your channel are:

*Complete 1000 subscriber: Your channel must have 1000 subscriber which describe that the audience is interacting and connecting towards your content, to get 1000 subscriber you need to work on your content.

*Complete 4000 hours watching: Your videos must have 4000 hours of public watching through which Youtube gets that you are providing some value through your content and the audience like your videos.

*Don’t mislead audience: As the number of audience is increasing on Youtube, so they monitor to your content tittle and description that are misleading the audience through your thumbnail or content for example if you are using any celebrity image on your thumbnail who has no connection with your video then it will come in misleading the audience.

 When you will complete 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of public watching then you will apply for the monetization process in which they will check your channel content that you are following their protocols or not and if they found any kind of mislead in the content they will reject your application for monetization , So it’s better that you follow their rules and regulation and complete their task to get you monetization application approval.