Power of Social Media: A limelight Story (Baba ka Dhaba)

Because of pandemic, 80-year-old Kanta Prasad clarifies how they are scarcely figuring out how to get by because of decreased footfall. He indicated the dishes like  Dal, Paneer Matar and Aloo Soya at the rate of  Rs. 30 to 50. While disclosing his condition to the food blogger and when the last attempted to reassure him, the proprietor broke into tears.

Food blogger Gaurav Wasan was told that They had earned scarcely Rs. 70 every day. They had come at 6:30 am to set up the shop and had spent Rs. 500 however . It is extraordinary that there are lot of peoples who need to assist this with monitoring battling because of neediness."

The old aged couple who runs 'Baba Ka Dhaba' is Kanta Prasad and the spouse's name is Badami Devi. They set up their own little shop in Malviya Nagar for a long time. Both are more than 80 years old and he has two children and a little girl. However,  one of the three assistance them in this age. Both children left them in this age.  They do all the work themselves and furthermore run the dhaba alone to endure and carry on with a respectful life. Both these 80-year-olds open their Dhaba from 6 am and plan food till 9 am. people used to come to have meal there before the pandemic. Because of pandemic effect, nobody comes to their shop after the lockdown.

Who is Kanta Prasad?

Prasad and Devi came to Delhi during the 1970s from their town in Uttar Pradesh's Azamgarh area and started with a tea stall close to Shaikh Sarai. They at that point moved to the current area in Malviya Nagar and began the food stall around 30 years back. On week day, they sell 20 plates of every food thing between 9 am to 3 pm. This number had dropped to under 5 when they had returned the shop in June this year.

Baba ka Dhaba Now Become Popular

Numerous people visited Baba Ka Dhaba for food and a lot more upheld them with gifts, both in real money and cheques. Numerous bigshots likewise showered their adoration upon the couple, CM Arvind Kejriwal, Actress Sonam Kapoor, R Aswan, and Delhi Capitals. Zomato also added baba ka Dhaba in their restaurant list. Kanta Prasad said that he is very thankful for the public help. Organizations race to Baba ka Dhaba for promoting, Baba to get somebody to assist him with obliging high food request. Just two days ago, Baba ka Dhaba was simply a food stall at Malviya Nagar in South Delhi where an old couple was battling to sell food, however now it has become a spot where organizations seek their branding. Like a branding hotspot. His shop is presently loaded up with banners and standards of brands. There is not really any spot left where one would now be able to put banners or standards of their brands. Likewise, little transitory counters of different items like COVID Insurance have additionally open up around Baba ka Dhaba.

Life has gone in a different direction and now Kanta Prasad (Baba) is searching for an individual to help him in taking into account the appeal. He has additionally become saint for general society as you will effortlessly discover individuals clicking photographs with Baba. Individuals are halting vehicles at Baba ka Dhaba and clicking photographs and taking selfies. At the point when gotten some information about how he will oblige the interest for food, he stated, "I need to get somebody to help me since I can't disapprove of my clients. At this age I can't do everything alone. Prior, I used to battle sell 750 grams of rice however now I sold 5 kgs rice down the middle a day." When gotten some information about organizations marking through Baba ka Dhaba, he stated, "It's an assistance just as publicizing," Baba told ANI.

Despite the fact that Baba said now he needn't bother with assistance and individuals can help other people who need assistance. "I needn't bother with any help now; others must find support," said Baba. The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) additionally took to Instagram to share a video which shows one of their agents speaking with Kanta Prasad and his significant other, Badaami Devi. Paytm likewise joined to show their appreciation. They shared, "Baba, prop up securely! India's all the best are with you."

To Conclude:

There is no denying the way that the Corona virus pandemic has carried a halt to numerous private ventures. Among the hardest hit are the ones which are in the restaurant & food industry. Road food sellers and side of the road stalls are left with practically zero income, with people generally reliant on their investment funds for their regular needs. In the midst of the emergency, a video via social media has given a ray of hope.