Paid promotion of various brands and companies is the most lucrative revenue stream for YouTube creators. Most YouTube creators who reach 100,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel land paid promotion brand deals to endorse and authentically promote a product or service in their videos. With a YouTube sponsorship deal, a company pays creators to mention their brand or product in their video. YouTube creators who have created a good name for themselves on the platform receive countless emails and daily inquiries from brands and agencies hoping to partner with them. These creators choose which brands to work with after considering these things: budget and compensation, the scope of promotion and terms and conditions of the brand, social media promotion involved, and how closely the brand authentically resonates with the YouTube influencer’s personal experience and taste. Paid promotions work best when the brand is a natural fit for the creator, channel theme, and audience, as it results in better viewer sentiment with the creator and the brand, and when it proves beneficial to all parties involved: the brand reaches the target audience through genuine endorsement; the audience learns about a new brand and is usually offered an exclusive discount, and the YouTube creator gets paid for their work along with the added perk of free product and services.


CPM is the estimating unit utilized for promotions. Time is measured in seconds and distance in miles, similarly, promotion is measured in ‘Cost per Mile (CPM). It is the cost for every 1000 clicks or impressions on an advertisement. In the realm of YouTube, these impressions or clicks are in the form of ‘views’. So for a YouTube creator, CPM basically implies the money they will be paid for every 1000 views on their promotion video. The basic formula to figure the CPM for any YouTube creator is:

CPM= {cost of creating the video advert/complete number of impressions} x 1000

In this equation, 'cost of delivering the video advert' is the total cost that the paid promotion requires. It resembles the cost of the paid promotion YouTube creator is doing. Also, the quantity of impressions is the number of views that the YouTube creators get on their video. The CPM fluctuates for various brands and organizations as indicated by their budget for promotion. The more views creator gets on his promotional video, the higher the CPM and the more the profit!


Brands and companies will possibly show their interest in the creator’s channel if he has a promising audience. So the first thing on which creator should work is boosting subscriber count on his YouTube channel. All things considered, subscribers of that channel are the affirmed crowd that the brand or company would get on the promotion of their brand or product. The creator should keep increasing his followers as his top priority in order to get paid promotion deals from companies. One thing to note is that having an immense number of followers isn't the lone eye-snappy thing for brands.


Brands and organizations contribute a decent amount of money to the creator’s channel to clearly anticipate some encouraging outcomes. Therefore, creators should not only focus on boosting their subscriber count but also on ways of engaging them. The way subscribers react to videos, their comments, and their queries about the products that the creator shows determine how brands respond to the creator’s proposal to work with them. If the creator has a growing subscriber count and a loyal engaging audience, his channel will be attractive to brands and organizations!