Tips and Tricks to increase YouTube Subscribers from 100 to 5k - in 2021

As per the updated YouTube policy of 2018, to switch on the monetization section of YouTube, you need to build a watch time of about 4000+ hours. And to do that you also need a large number of subscribers. Because the greater the numbers of YouTube subscribers you have the better are your chances of becoming a successful YouTuber. But let’s first get to know a bit about the platform.

YouTube - Not just a media platform anymore

YouTube has been an outstanding platform and is an immense source of both knowledge and entertainment. Being the second-largest most visited website in the Globe. It is now the most popular website after Google and everybody wants to be over everyone in this world of competition. Like on Instagram and Twitter people wants followers whereas on Facebook friends. So has become a trend of having more subscribers on YouTube.

You would have noticed that whenever a YouTube is either about to end their video or at the beginning they ask you to like, comment, share and subscribe. Now let us how does that help them in their favour. Don't worry I would even discuss what the ways to increase your subscribers are. Let’s get started...

What is a Subscriber?

Whenever any creator creates a YouTube channel and starts to upload videos. They always require an audience who could appreciate their efforts and to do that. There are specific ways like you could either like the videos or even comment and even share with your friends.

But just in case you liked the YouTuber a lot and you never want to miss their video. You can enrol into their regular list of viewers for free by just clicking on that Red subscribe button right below the video. So that as soon as the creator posts one of his creations to the list of his YouTube videos. With the help of the subscribe button clicked you would see the videos of the creator on your YouTube home page.

Why are Subscribers necessary and How to increase them?

YouTube is a large platform where you could lose your subscribers at any point in time if you don't have the right weapons in your arsenal to ace the game. For example, if you search for gaming channels their thousands of creators who are posting their contents out of which you know only a few out of which you have subscribed only one or two. You can see the difference even though it is just a button to press still people are not doing it even though it is for free.

So what is the thing which is important to look through to get big in this YouTube business of increasing YouTube subscribers in days? A small part to note is that to increase the number the subs on your channels you need to increase the number of YouTube views on your videos. Because as per the YouTube algorithm when you get more YouTube views. YouTube itself recommends your content to more people and thus increasing your YouTube view base which does help you to get more subscribers. Now let us reverse engineer the whole process and get to know about everything that is needed to get it done and increase the number of subs on your YouTube channel this year.

Content Matters the most:

No matter what field are you trying to ace and get free subscribers on your YouTube channels then you have to step on the pedal and get going with Good Content. If you are unable to do so then it might be really difficult for you to stand in the game. Because there are a huge number of creators who have top niche quality content to offer to the audience and hence it becomes really important to create the best possible content.

Title, Thumbnails and First 10second:

As it is one of the most famous proverbs of all time that "The first Impression is the Last Impression". You would have even heard of the term viral. It’s always the initial 10 seconds which should be so catchy that could through your YouTube carrier right off the roof.

Along with that one thing that is mostly ignored while the creation of the video is the thumbnail. Until the users hover over your video they cannot see a glimpse of it. It is the thumbnail that is right in front of them. It is one of the best marketing advice is that you need to get a face to a business. Similarly, if you do that for a thumbnail then you could even help your sinking ship get some support.

SEO, Script and Target Audience:

At the beginning of the video, one has to be precise about writing an article regarding what is a video all about. Once you write a script for your video it becomes very easy because now you know what to show to your audience. But wait a second who is your audience.

So while discussing a script you even have to frame out the things like who is your target audience. And after doing so you need to create a video and post it. Even in the process of doing that you need to enter some or the amount of data regarding the content in your video. Which does helps the searching API of YouTube to enlist in the corresponding search regarding your video-based keyword.

Remove irrelevant Content

While your way up to the journey of becoming a professional YouTuber. It is really important to remove the content which is either irrelevant according to your channel or is not performing fairly well concerning your other video. This clean up again helps the viewers cherish the best quality content offered to you on your channel. And this even saves you from the shame when you become a brand.

Professional Help in doing this- AdsTube.

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