Top 6 myths about buying YouTube views | YouTube Promotion Services | AdsTube India

Are paid views increases watch hours on your YouTube channel? It’s a myth of so many people that paid views increases watch hours. Now, in this blog, we will tell you some myths about buying YouTube views.

Top 6 myths about buying YouTube views:

1.         It’s not Legal 

              Purchasing YouTube views is not illegal in any means, rather than bot views. AdsTube is a YouTube promotion company, which helps you to increase YouTube views without performing any illegal activity or bot strategy. We follow every YouTube term and condition before delivering genuine views.

2.         YouTube will delete my video (but it won’t) 

               It’s a myth of so many YouTube creators that if they purchase any of the YouTube promotion services, their video will get deleted. But it's not true, these services are legally performed with the help of google ads.

3.         YouTube will ban my account (it’s impossible) 

               Many people also think that their YouTube account will be banned by YouTube, but it is also a myth of so many people. Its impossible to ban your YouTube account because buying views is a legal strategy to boost your channel.

4.         Buying views are not real views 

              Some people see buying views are not real views, they think that it’s a bot who is generating a fake view on their videos, but it's totally wrong. To get YouTube promotion services to call AdsTube.

5.         All buying views are the same 

              Most of the people see this opportunity as fake or they think that all views are the same i.e., all views are generated by a bot who is generating in bulk and all are of the same identity. But it's not true to be true. Many companies follow the google ads strategy to increase views on YouTube videos.

6.         Famous YouTubers don’t buy views 

              Most people think that famous YouTubers don’t buy views or purchase any of the YouTube promotion services, but it's not true. YouTube promotions are not fake, these are just a marketing technique to boost your YouTube channel

Benefits to promote your YouTube channel through YouTube promotion services:

1.         Increase a lot of YouTube views in less time.

2.         Get a higher possibility for your video to go viral

3.         Gain more organic views quickly

4.         Build the authenticity of your YouTube channel

5.         Increases YouTube subscribers

6.         Increase your YouTube channel popularity