5 Ways To Fasten Your Youtube Monetization

When you create and upload videos on youtube you definitely aim for a good response in terms of views, likes, shares and money but it does not happen just by having the required subscribers and watch time.

5 Tips To Boost Your Youtube Monetization

You can escalate your youtube monetization in several ways and hacks which will help your channel grow. There are a few tricks which can boost your monetization so try the following tips so that you can use them to your advantage

  1. Associate in the youtube partner program

The youtube partner program (YPP) stands on four ground rules and if successfully accomplish all these four rules then you will definitely see a positive impact on your revenue. Firstly, your youtube channel should have 1000 subscribers at least.

You need to have a count of 1000 viewers who has subscribed to your channel and maintain that number so that it benefits you.

Secondly, all your videos that have been uploaded in the duration of the last year should produce 4000 hours of watch time.

Thirdly, you should never violate any of the youtube guidelines or breach any of its policies. Your channel should work within the boundaries and lines created by youtube rules. Lastly, your account should include the set-up of an Adsense account.


  1. Use affiliation links

When you promote an affiliate link through your channel it can benefit in making strong connections and you will get a commission whenever your viewers go to check out the affiliated product you have mentioned in your video.

Affiliation links are best for the videos which are either a tutorial or a review about a specific product.

Mention the links in the description box of your channel and do not forget to inform your viewers about your affiliation with the product as that will avoid any chances of misinterpretation or fake promotion.


  1. Fan funding

There are many sites like Patreon which add seamlessness to the process of making revenue or getting paid for the content creation. In this method, your fans can make followers from their personal favourite platforms and earn some exciting rewards as well.

Tipee is another tool that is similar to a fan-funding program where you can enjoy the mix of periodic and one time contributions.


  1. Expertise in Youtube SEO

Youtube is a product of Google and which is why has many similarities in the functionality of the search engine optimization and the algorithm. You need to have expertise in youtube SEO and possess a great understanding of youtubes algorithm that can work in your favour.

Good SEO will result in escalating your visibility on the result page, more views, more subscribers and maximised shares. Therefore, if you are a creator on youtube it is essential to understand the basics of SEO in order to boost your monetization.


  1. Create sponsored content

This is also a form of affiliate marketing but has few functional changes. You will get paid by youtube through landing brand deals as it works like whenever any company is targeting the type of audience you have they will run a sponsorship for your video or can offer a product placement deal and you make a shoutout for their product/service in revert.

This method is suitable for established channels that have been working for years and have a certain list of subscribers that companies might want.



That is all about how you can escalate your youtube monetization just by following a few simple hacks and tricks. These are tools which are already available you just need awareness about how you can make them work in your favour.