What to do if I forget my youtube channel password

Ways to retrieve your password or change it

  • The most famous way to retrieve your password just in case you forget is to. Simply click on the forgot password to get the password reset link on your Gmail id and you could retrieve your youtube password.


  • Or just in case you don't have any access to your email id then you could even request for an OTP on your registered phone number to get access to your password or either it could provide you with an OTP to do the login for once and then you could change the password on your own.


  • You could even go for Google Supports to retrieve your password. They ask you for your email id, channel name, and some of the key details that only you could know knowledge about your channel. This does help you to generate a One-Time-Password after which you could get to your login and change your password.


  • Alongside that, if you have your google account linked to your Youtube channel. Then you could even access it by turning on the sync of your google account.


  Ways of Not Forgetting at first place:

  It might be easy if you just don't forget it in the first place. Youtube channel is kind of a child of yours and your videos are the memories of your kid. So you don't wish to lose any of its memories just by simply forgetting the 8 digit key to your closet of digital success. And To do that you could follow the following process and that would keep your password safe and even help you grow on youtube without taking any tension related to your youtube channel security.

  • If you could log in to your Youtube account with your Google account and that would help your Youtube Password to be in Sync with your Google account password. So just in case if for the next time when you would log in to your Youtube channel. Then you don't need to remember many passwords, just if you sign in to your Google account with your Google account password. It would automatically fetch all the data and even your password. The key to your creation. It would be an easy process for you.


  • Or You could go for some professional help. If you are starting a youtube channel of yours, you would be having a vision with it. And, in that case, you can not afford any chances of either forgetting your channel password or even your Gmail password. Then in such cases, you must prefer to go for youtube channel promotional websites. Like adstube, they are one of the most trusted websites for youtube promotion purposes. They could provide a lot of help in your Youtube journey. And, not only that they would save you sweat for remembering the Password and any risk of forgetting because they keep their client’s data safe and even help you with getting subscribers and likes and even views on your channel.


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