YouTube Keyword Research  With Search Insights

Youtube Search Insights Tool Made Easier With Search Insights

Youtube search insights tool has announced that it's rolling out its new Search Insights feature to all creators. This feature will help creators a lot as it will provide a range of new data points to help refine your YouTube strategy, based on what people are searching about in the app.

In November 2021 YouTube gave an overview of Search Insights. According to that, Search Insights will include information on what people are looking for in the app, according to your channel and in the context of the content too, and for more general search queries.

This feature is designed to simplify the keyword research process so that you can create more content around the relevant topics which people are looking for. This feature is currently being tested within the Youtube Studio.

Youtube search insights tool might help you with the following points

  • Content searched by the general Youtube audience
  • An estimate of search volume for each of the queries
  • What your audience is searching for
  • Is there any particular term which is facing a "content gap"


Search Insights can help the creators a lot with content planning as the data there provides a firm idea of what types of videos people want to watch. This data can help with creating more specific content that's according to your audience's interests.

Search Insights gives creators the facility to see what has been searched in the past 28 days. All insights are in aggregated form, which means that it is not possible to track individual searches for individual users.

Search Insights comprises two main parts. First, you can see what your audience and your channel viewers are searching for on YouTube. Second, you can look at all viewer searches for any keyword across thousand of topics which are available on YouTube.

Within all this, YouTube is testing another feature named Content Gaps. When viewers are not able to find any results for a specific search query, or the content they found is low quality, then it will be called a content gap.

Content Gap queries are the search terms for which relevant information is not available. Or we can say that the search terms that don't return a high volume of matches are content gaps.

The idea associated is that by highlighting these queries, creators will then be able to focus on the content related to the searches which are not being served by the current videos present on the app, this could give you new opportunities for your efforts.

A 'Searches Across Youtube ' element, will provide insight into the most common search queries based on any keyword. This tool can be a very helpful tool for marketers along similar lines as Google's search console etc. After rolling into the basics of Search Insights, here's where to get it and how to use it.

How to use Youtube Search Insights Tool?

You can access Search Insights by logging into Youtube studio and clicking on Analytics in the left-hand menu. After that, navigate to the Research section and look for a tab titled "Your viewer's searches ".

 Once there, you'll find the top searches made by your viewers, or from viewers of channels similar to yours. The data for each search term is separated into multiple columns. The first column has the estimated search volume of the keywords which ranges from high to medium, to low.

There is another column which shows the number of views of your channel received from searches for that keyword in the past 28 days. To get the data you have to type the name of a topic or a specific keyword.

Search Insights has been becoming very famous but remember that this is only the experimental phase.  That means that everyone could not access it right away. Youtube has said that it will make another announcement when it expands Search Insights to more users.

Why Search Insights is important?

According to a statement given by Youtube, they were receiving a large amount of feedback from the content creators who wanted to know about what has been searched by their platform viewers.

 According to the Youtube Content creators, Search Insights will help them to create more search specific and meaningful content for their viewers. It's clear that the Search Insights will act as a boon for Youtube Content creators as it will give them more insight into search terms and what their audience is looking for.

This will help them to create content based on user's interests and to connect with their subscribers more effectively. It will also be beneficial to Youtube keyword research. The ability to have a crystal clear view of what the audience is searching for is very previous and will open the doors for new opportunities for content creators

 We wish that Youtube makes this feature available for all the content creators very soon and lets us expand our views and information about it.


The bottom line of this article is that Youtube search insights tool is the best and most effective option out there to do your promotions or run a campaign for your brand. It offers all the convenience that a marketer needs for an advertisement. 

That is how the whole youtube algorithm works with all the changes and improvisations made over decades. If you are a YouTuber start implementing it in your videos to get a blast.  Hopefully, you found your answer and it was obliging.