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Increase your views, Monetize your youtube channel. Criteria to be fulfilled before applying for channel monetization.


YouTube is an American online video sharing company. Here we can get all types of videos from music, dance, to education.

YouTube is a best platform to show your talent. YouTube helps much new commer talent to show their talent on their platform. There are many talented YouTuber who famous only because of youtube. Many YouTuber earns in lacs per month. Youtube paid YouTuber to show talent on their platform.

Lets begin with a basic

First of all create a promise to yourself to try to to hardwork and target work.The first factor you’ll ought to do is to make your business channel, and youtube create it simple to try to to. With simply some of clicks, you’ll be able to dive into fixing your new channel. Youtube promotion services in india

• Sign into YouTube and click on on the user icon at the highest right of the screen

• Click on the gear icon to urge to your account’s YouTube Settings

• Click on produce a brand new channel Youtube promotion services in india

• Then select “Use a business or different name”

• Add your brand and click on produce

• Your YouTube channel creation completed.

Why you need to Monetize your youtube channel

we need to monetize your youtube Youtube promotion services in india channel to get revenue. once a Youtube channel completed their 4000 watch hour and 1000 subscribers inside twelve month youtube begin paying you cash.

When you will apply for youtube monetization

If you're going for your youtube Youtube promotion services in india channel to be monetized. you have got to follow some policies and criterias before applying for monetization set up.

New monetization Rule

The new policy states that tiny channels can now not be able to monetize their videos unless their channel will grow to a subscriber base to over 1000 subscribers and that they receive 4000 watch hours of read time over the previous twelve months. This policy are effective.

YouTube monetization policies to begin generating your revenue

• Follow all the YouTube monetization policies. ...

• Live in an exceedingly country or region wherever the YouTube Partner Program is accessible.

• Have over 4,000 valid public watch hours within the last twelve months once making your youtube channel

• Have over 1,000 subscribers.

• Have a connected AdSense account.

The YouTube Partner Program necessities

Commonly referred to as the YouTube Partner Program, you'll have to hit all four necessities before your channel are accepted. Youtube promotion services in india  let's begin with the 1000 subscribers. This one is pretty simple, it does not matter however long it takes you to urge to one,000 subscribers, once you hit that milestone, you've got reached that demand.

As well as 1,000 subscribers, you furthermore may ought to reach four,000 hours of Watch Time on your videos over the last twelve months. there's some confusion with this one, therefore let Pine Tree State try to clarify that. initial of all, this can be not concerning what proportion video content you, the YouTube creator watch. this can be all concerning what proportion video content is watched on your channel from individuals all across the planet. It’s all those hours of video that individuals have watched on your channel within the last twelve months (from any given date). you may well have well 4,000 hours of Watch Time over the lifespan of your channel, however it's solely the last twelve months that count for YouTube Partner Program necessities.

Another few things to inform you concerning Watch Time. Live streams do count towards that total. Unlisted videos conjointly count towards that total. however if you delete any videos, that Watch Time are faraway Youtube promotion services in india  from your channel Watch Time hours. And a new final factor, if you're already within the YouTube Partner Program, and if your channel falls below 4,000 hours of Watch Time, YouTube will not mechanically take away you from the partner program, however they'll copulate at their discretion. If you would like a far a lot of elaborate video on the subject of Youtube promotion services in india 4,000 hours specifically.

Is your channel prepared for earning cash

What will it mean to be in YPP? As a part of the YouTube Partner program, you’re eligible to faucet into multiple revenue streams, as long as you meet the factors and they’re offered in your country. you furthermore may have access to creator support and therefore the copyright match tool. Learn a lot of concerning the Youtube promotion services in india program, however it works and the way you'll apply to the program.

  • Estimated time to complete: fifteen minutes
  • Level: “I’ve ne'er monetized on YouTube before.”
  • How to qualify
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 valid public watch Youtube promotion services in india hours over the last twelve months
  • Availability in your country
  • Follow all the youtube video monetization.
  •  Have a connected AdSense account.

YouTube revenue policy and criteria

Link YouTube channels and Google Ads accounts

Linking a YouTube channel to a Google Ads account permits the connected Google Ads account to run ads supported interactions together with your Youtube promotion services in india channel’s videos. The connected Google Ads account are often granted permissions to access video ads' organic read metrics, show ads to folks that visit and move together with your channel, and obtain insights concerning however Youtube promotion services in india individuals move together with your channel once viewing your ads.

How it works

When you link a YouTube channel Youtube promotion services in india to a Google Ads account, the YouTube channel owner will prefer to create the subsequent Youtube promotion services in india options offered to your connected Google Ads account:

read counts: View organic (non-paid) metrics for your videos.

Remarketing: produce remarketing lists supported viewers’ past interactions on connected channels.

Engagement: read attained actions metrics from video ads from connected channels.

You can link over one Google Ads account to a YouTube channel, and link over one YouTube channel to a Google Ads account.

Keep in mind that:

• Linking accounts doesn't provide the YouTube channel owner management over the Google Ads account. additionally, Youtube promotion services in india linking accounts does not let the Youtube promotion services in india publiciser add, delete, or modify videos from the connected YouTube channel.

• If your Google Ads account is overseen by a manager account, linking your YouTube channel can enable the Google Ads manager account to access your YouTube channel metrics. If you have got enabled remarketing list sharing in your Google Ads Youtube promotion services in india  account, that you’ve created with its different managed accounts.

• If personized ads area unit turned off on a YouTube channel, attained action reports and remarketing lists will not be offered for videos hosted on the YouTube channel.