Is it Worth it Buying YouTube Premium?

In a world where digital content consumption is at an all-time high, YouTube remains one of the most popular platforms for videos. However, YouTube’s extensive ad interruptions can detract from the viewing experience. Enter YouTube Premium, a subscription service designed to enhance the user experience by removing ads, providing offline viewing, and more. But is YouTube Premium worth the investment? Let’s dive into the benefits, costs, and value propositions of this service to help you decide.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by YouTube that provides several features to enhance your video-watching experience. The most notable benefits include ad-free videos, background play, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. This service is designed to cater to users who spend a significant amount of time on the platform and are looking for a more seamless and enhanced viewing experience.

Key Features of YouTube Premium

  1. Ad-Free Viewing: One of the most significant advantages of YouTube Premium is the elimination of ads. No more interruptions in the middle of your favourite videos, making for a smoother, more enjoyable viewing experience.
  2. Background Play: This feature allows you to play videos in the background while using other apps or when your screen is off. It’s particularly useful for listening to music videos or long-form content like podcasts.
  3. Offline Downloads: With YouTube Premium, you can download videos to watch offline. This is perfect for commuting, travelling, or anytime you know you’ll be without a stable internet connection.
  4. YouTube Music Premium: Included in the subscription is access to YouTube Music Premium, a music streaming service that competes with Spotify and Apple Music. It offers ad-free music, background play, and offline downloads.
  5. Exclusive Content: YouTube Premium subscribers get access to YouTube Originals, which are exclusive shows and movies produced by YouTube.

YouTube Premium Price

The YouTube Premium price varies by region. In the United States, the subscription costs $11.99 per month. There are also family plans available, which allow up to six family members to share a subscription for $17.99 per month. For students, YouTube offers a discounted rate of $6.99 per month. It’s essential to check the pricing in your specific region as it can differ significantly.

Is YouTube Premium Worth the Price?

Determining whether YouTube Premium is worth the price depends on how you use YouTube and what you value most in your viewing experience. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Ad-Free Experience: If you are a heavy YouTube user and find ads particularly disruptive, the ad-free experience alone may be worth the subscription fee. Ads can be especially annoying when watching longer videos, music playlists, or engaging in binge-watching sessions.
  2. Background Play: For those who use YouTube as a primary source for music and long-form content, background play is a significant benefit. It allows you to multitask and continue listening to content without keeping the app open.
  3. Offline Viewing: If you frequently find yourself in situations with limited internet access, the ability to download videos for offline viewing can be a game-changer. This is particularly useful for travellers or commuters.
  4. YouTube Music Premium: If you already pay for a music streaming service, switching to YouTube Premium might be cost-effective since it includes YouTube Music Premium. This service offers a vast library of songs, playlists, and recommendations.
  5. Exclusive Content: Access to YouTube Originals might be a deciding factor if you are interested in exclusive shows and movies produced by YouTube. While the library of Originals is not as extensive as Netflix or Amazon Prime, it does offer some unique content.

How to Get YouTube Premium at a Low Price

If the standard pricing of YouTube Premium seems steep, there are ways to potentially lower the cost:

  1. Student Discount: If you are a student, you can take advantage of YouTube’s student discount, which significantly reduces the subscription cost.
  2. Family Plan: Sharing a family plan with friends or family members can bring down the individual cost. For instance, a $17.99 family plan split among six people results in a cost of about $3 per person per month.
  3. Promotional Offers: Keep an eye out for promotional offers from YouTube. Occasionally, they offer discounted rates or extended free trial periods for new subscribers.
  4. Regional Pricing: In some regions, the YouTube Premium price is lower due to local economic conditions. Using a VPN to subscribe from a region with lower pricing could be a potential workaround, though this may violate YouTube’s terms of service.

Can You Get YouTube Premium Free?

While there isn’t a permanent way to get YouTube Premium free, there are some limited options:

  1. Free Trial: YouTube often offers a one-month free trial for new subscribers. This allows you to experience all the features of YouTube Premium without any cost for the first month.
  2. Promotions: Occasionally, YouTube partners with other companies to offer extended free trials. For example, certain mobile carriers or device manufacturers might offer several months of free YouTube Premium with the purchase of a new phone or service plan.
  3. Google One Membership: In some instances, Google One subscribers are offered free or discounted YouTube Premium trials as part of their membership benefits.


So, is YouTube Premium worth it? For numerous users, the answer is a definite yes. The ad-free experience, background play, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium offer substantial value, particularly for heavy YouTube users. While the YouTube Premium price might seem high initially, the added convenience and enhanced viewing experience can justify the cost. Moreover, with options to get YouTube Premium at a lower price through family plans, student discounts, and occasional promotions, it becomes even more accessible.

Ultimately, the decision to subscribe to YouTube Premium should be based on your viewing habits and preferences. If you find yourself frequently annoyed by ads, in need of offline viewing, or wanting a more integrated music and video experience, YouTube Premium is likely a worthwhile investment. For those curious about the service, taking advantage of a free trial can be an excellent way to test its value before committing to a subscription.


Q. What are the main benefits of YouTube Premium?
A. YouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience, background play, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. It also includes exclusive content through YouTube Originals.

Q. How much does YouTube Premium cost?
A. The YouTube Premium price is $11.99 per month in the United States. Family plans cost $17.99 per month, and student plans are available for $6.99 per month.

Q. Can I get YouTube Premium for free?
A. While there is no permanent way to get YouTube Premium free, new subscribers can often take advantage of a one-month free trial. Occasionally, promotional offers from YouTube or its partners provide extended free trials.

Q. Is YouTube Premium worth the price?
A. For heavy YouTube users, the ad-free experience, background play, offline viewing, and YouTube Music Premium can justify the cost. It depends on how much you value these features and your viewing habits.

Q. How can I get YouTube Premium at a lower price?
A. You can get YouTube Premium at a lower price by using student discounts, sharing a family plan, or looking for promotional offers. Regional pricing may also offer lower rates in certain areas.

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