Is this Legal to buy YouTube Views and Likes?

Yes, it's totally legal to buy YouTube Likes and Views, and there is no law against it. Buying YouTube views is totally legal in any way, shape, or form. It should be duly noted that few types of tactics are against YouTube’s terms of service (TOS), such as computer bot views or misleading people into watching a video, but even then, they are also legal. Adstube is one of the most legal websites to buy YouTube likes and views! Now you have to keep in mind that no matter what you read online, don’t use bots to repeatedly refresh your videos. Because You will miss “view duration”, which is a critical part of YouTube’s algorithm. Now you should also know that YouTube has a “Fake engagement policy” which is described as YouTube doesn’t permit those tactics which involve artificially increasing the number of likes, views, comments, or subscribers, etc by using automated systems or serving up videos to unsuspicious viewers. Also, that type of content that solely exists to encourage viewers for user engagement is strictly prohibited. Channels that have that content and don't follow this policy of YouTube may be terminated and removed from the platform permanently. However, AdsTube uses google ads strategies to boost videos and gain views and subscribers. We don’t practice any of the unlawful activities which are against YouTube policies. We use discovery and skippable YouTube video ads which are genuine and are according to the YouTube policies.

YouTube's strategy expresses that it's against YouTube's Terms of Service for any client to commission outsiders to consequently create views for their videos. This is known as View Check Gaming. 

It is additionally against YouTube strategy to control or boost different clients to watch your videos. YouTube thinks about this as deceiving viewers. 

This is the explanation you should purchase YouTube views from us as we are approved and consistently offer steady and spread out views that are practically genuine from certified and real users, organic views. AdsTube is the best Promotional service that uses legitimate marketing methods to provide you 100% genuine views for your YouTube videos.