Will those viewers Increase my channel watch time?

Before, YouTube's calculation gave the most consideration to the number of views that a video was getting. This implies that the positioning was controlled by the complete number of times a video was "played". The perspectives are all from genuine individuals from various nations across the globe. These viewers are ordinarily keen on your video and will watch everything, which implies you can expect a high standard for dependability alongside genuine commitment, including Likes and dislikes this is how those viewers will increase watch time on your YouTube channel.
The higher the perspectives a video got, the better its position. 
Nonetheless, the perspectives just gave a shallow perspective on the commitment as the occasions that YouTube's video player was stacked. So the video maker was basically compensated for getting a great deal of snaps on their recordings. The two key issues with this calculation were: 
There was no proportion of viewer engagement or how long a viewer watched a video. 
Makers didn't focus on connecting with their viewers and depended on unnaturally stuffed keywords, nasty depictions, and clickbait thumbnails to produce more clicks. 
Luckily, however, YouTube recognized these issues in 2012 and changed the manner that their calculation works. 
Presently, YouTube favors the measurement of watch time above all the other things. 
Through this, the calculation currently focuses on commitment over the number of clicks. This change has demonstrated to be a greatly improved proportion of how captivating YouTube videos are.