Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If we are unable to promote your video for any reason (such as our promotional partners did not approve of your video); your money will be refunded. On the off chance when we could not deliver the specified views/subscribers from any of the packages claimed by AdsTube, we will certainly refund the amount. There are several other areas where you may ask for a refund:

  • When your video is not approved by the Google’s End for promotion
  • Specified views are not delivered

Also, there are some aspects when refund will not be done. These are as follows:

  • Any technical issues from Google’s End. We will wait until the issue is resolved then further process your video campaign
  • In case client backed out from promotion when campaign is on the go: refund will not be provided in such cases. On the other hand, if you change your mind before the promotion has started, we will refund the charge amount.
  • Refund will not be provided for any service which was not claimed by AdsTube Promotions

For more thorough information about our refund policy, please go through our Video promotion policy