Yes, we strictly follow all the legal advices given by the Authorities of YouTube. We do not practice any sort of illegal activities to promote the videos of our clients in any manner. Any sort of illegitimate way to make promotion on youtube is strictly prohobited by AdsTube. We are not involved in any suspicious activities restricted by YouTube. In the events of any doubt or inconvenience, you can contact the authorities of AdsTube.

AdsTube does not intend to promote any type of video content that violates the advertising terms and conditions of YouTube. Throughout the procedure of advertising, AdsTube follows all the mandatory rules and regulations driven by YouTube. Any amendments on YouTube’s terms and conditions are taken under consideration immediately.

Before we proceed to the video promotion, we cross check the videos to make sure it does not pass through the YouTube’s censorship guidelines. Several illegal factors that we consider are of illegal acts, pornography, hate-speech or any sort of morality based regulations or laws. Also, we advise our clients to provide authentic video content for promotion on YouTube.