How does AdsTube work/ Where do the views come from

Like matchmaking for YouTube recordings, we put your video before the YouTubers who’d need to see it. We’ll advance your video through YouTube’s Ad’s foundation, legitimately on YouTube!

The procedure is straightforward:

1. You pick a video you need to advance.

2. You give a couple of catchphrases/states that portray your video.

3. You give the names of channels that are generally like yours.

4. We elevate your video to YouTubers scanning for your watchwords *or* who are devotees of those comparable channels.

For instance, a yoga educator advancing her “best yoga exercise” video could focus on the watchwords “yoga stances” and “yoga exercise”. Anybody scanning for (or watching recordings about) these watchwords would consider her to be as a suggested video.

On account of a best in class pop vocalist, they could target devotees of “Adele” and “Beyonce” guaranteeing that solitary aficionados of “popular music” would be presented to their video.

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