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In today’s digital age, the internet is brimming with content. Unfortunately, being an excellent video maker, YouTuber, or creator isn’t the only path to success. It’s also about who has mastered the art of promoting their YouTube videos. With 500 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every day, the competition has intensified, necessitating content creators to promote their videos and channels optimally. Here are some ways creators can promote their videos

YouTube promotion gives an alternate measurement to your social media campaign.  While the pictures and content are static, a video can give diversion and instruction in a quicker and for certain clients all the more fascinating way. Regardless of whether it isn’t something you have at first finished with your Facebook page, it may be acceptable to attempt to make a video that is in arrangement with your brand image and see what sort of feedback you get.

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Today, we live in a time when the internet is overflowing with content. Unfortunately, being a great video maker, YouTuber, or creator isn’t solely how you can achieve success. Because now, it’s also about who’s figured out the best ways to promote their YouTube videos. Every day, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube, this has raised the competition and now content creators need to promote their videos and channels in the best way possible. Creators can promote their videos in the following ways:

1. SEO: 

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” is often overlooked by creators, forgetting that YouTube is also a search engine. It’s the world’s second-largest search engine, with 50% more searches than Yahoo. Globally, users turn to YouTube for tips, how-to guides, and content when they need answers. There’s no definitive rule for which keywords will boost the ranking of YouTube videos. However, a bit of reverse engineering can aid the process. Follow these steps to identify a Google-friendly keyword for any video:

  • Determine possible keywords for the video using a tool like the Google Ads Keyword Planner.
  • Google one of the options.
  • Scan the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for each keyword and see if the top-ranking results are videos or written content.
  • Adjust the keyword and try again. Add words like “How to” or “Tutorial” if there is trouble in getting video results.
  • Finalize a keyword that prioritizes the video and matches the content.

2. Use of concise and descriptive titles for YouTube videos:

The title is the first thing that users notice when they find the video. And if it isn’t effective, it might also be the last thing which they see.

Following are some general tips for writing strong YouTube titles that can help catch the attention:

  • Keep the title short and sweet: The most popular videos on YouTube tend to have the shortest titles. Keep it up to 60 characters or less than that otherwise some of the titles may get cut off when displayed.
  • Keep the keywords at the beginning of the title: Most online readers tend to focus only on the beginning of the sentence and skip the rest.
  • Don’t clickbait: Clickbait might sound tempting but it can also harm the channel’s reputation in the long term.

3. Use of custom thumbnails: 

Thumbnails matter a lot, maybe even more than titles. That’s because human brains are hardwired to notice visuals first, we process them in less than 13 milliseconds, as per an MIT study. Although YouTube produces automatic thumbnails for all videos these can be blurry or out of focus. Creators should make an eye-catching custom thumbnail for every video they upload. It can help creators in boosting the views on their YouTube channel.

4. Optimizing the description:

Creators should front-load the keywords in the description and title. They should use the 5000-character limit in the description while uploading the video. Creators can also create a content page with timestamps to help viewers find what they’re looking for. Adding links to relevant playlists can also help the process. Creators should include a few relevant hashtags however, they must make sure to follow YouTube hashtagging rules before posting the video. YouTubers can also mention keywords in the video itself. Using a couple of keywords during a brief intro can give the best results.

5. Share Videos On Your Other Social Media Channels:

This allows creators to create a community outside of YouTube & direct traffic from other popular social media channels to their YouTube channel.

Creators can use the following platforms to promote their YouTube videos:

  • Facebook account or a page
  • Twitter account
  • Instagram account
  • Pinterest account

Following are the different types of videos that you can create −

Educational Videos

Making educational videos in your industry is an extraordinary way to represent validation in what you do. This could be one of the topics people have been asking/posting on your Facebook/Instagram or any other social media platform. From picking a point and encouraging individuals about it to revealing certainties about inquiries individuals have been posing to you on your page.

Inspirational Videos

Inspirational Videos give the most dominant messages on the Internet and will in general be the ones that become viral the most. By recounting a story or demonstrating the story with music and subtitles, you can show an inspiring story that your audience will remember.

Entertaining Videos

Entertaining videos are an extraordinary wellspring of fun. Particularly, they will in general break the repetitiveness of working consistently. These short videos offer individuals relief from their usual work and bring smiles to their faces.

Video Promotion

After creating a video and putting it on Facebook, it would be a smart thought to run a paid campaign so you can expand your scope. The objective ought to be to such an extent that the video is high on content worth. This will lead individuals to like your page as well as to share your videos. When you have posted the video, either go to the advertisements manager or in the video post, click on the boost photo. Applying the means required to help your page, you can likewise make an effective campaign for your demographic targeting.

With the necessary steps required to apply the “call to action” buttons, you can likewise make a watch video call to action on the highest point of your Facebook page. This guides individuals to the video post following a tick. Adding these buttons is considered one of the major aspects of YouTube Promotion.

The viral expression depicts how a message can end up self-recreating as it is gotten and rehashed over the Internet. Cause your video to become a web sensation! Put your video before millions and increment your odds of making a viral video battle.

Visitors are encouraged to comment and like your video while they’re watching it.

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