How Do YouTube Shorts Make Money In 2023

How Do YouTube Shorts Make Money In 2023

Making money from YouTube shorts is a different thing compared to long videos on YouTube. YouTube Shorts have their ways. YouTube Shorts gained popularity soon after it was launched, so this gives another great opportunity for the creators to earn money from Shorts. Here, you will get to know about the ways through which you can earn from YouTube Shorts.

Ad revenue from YouTube Shorts

Currently, YouTube does not provide an option to earn ad revenue from shorts. But now YouTube is transforming, and soon YouTube Shorts creators can earn revenue from ads, this will begin on February 1, 2023. In other words, creators will soon earn money from the ads that people will view on their Shorts feed.

YouTube has announced that the creators will have a 45% share of the revenue, which will be based on the share of overall Shorts views.

YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube Shorts Fund is a fund created by YouTube to support emerging creators and artists who produce short-form video content on its platform. It is part of YouTube’s ongoing commitment to supporting and empowering the creative community. Through the fund, The fund will be used to fund the production of original content, provide production grants, and fund the development of creative tools and technology. Creators get a bonus for their shorts, and the range of the bonus varies on the performance of the shorts in the last month.

 Creators can apply for funding on the YouTube channel. YouTube will review the applications and select creators to receive funding based on their potential to create great content. YouTube also provides resources and guidance to help creators develop their careers. This fund is designed to help creators reach their full potential and create more impactful content for the YouTube community. Through the fund, YouTube hopes to create a more diverse and vibrant short-form video ecosystem.

Eligibility for YouTube Shorts Bonus

1. Creators need to post at least one eligible Short in the last 180 days

2. Creators need to follow the YouTube Community Guidelines 

3..Creators must upload the original content

4. A creator needs to have an age of majority as per their country.

After meeting all the above requirements, you can claim your bonus. If you get selected for the bonus, then YouTube will contact you in the first week of the month.

 YouTube Shorts Fund will be replaced by Shorts ads revenue 

YouTube Shorts Fund has been a great way to reward creators and encourage them to create more content. However, after the success of the fund, YouTube announced that it will be replaced by ads revenue for YouTube Shorts.

 Ads revenue can provide a more sustainable way for creators to earn money from their content. By placing ads on their videos, creators can earn money each time their video is viewed, allowing them to make a more consistent income from their videos. Additionally, ads can reach more viewers, increasing the potential for more views and more revenue. This is in contrast to the YouTube Shorts Fund, which was limited to a few creators and videos.

YouTube Partner Program

There have been some updates related to Shorts and YPP and its highlights are : 

 From October 2022, YouTube Shorts views are getting consideration towards the 10 million that is required for YPP.

   Upcoming updates :

 1. Creators that have 1000 subscribers and have gained 10 million views in 90 days, can become eligible for YPP. This will begin in mid-January 2023.

2. With thIs upcoming update of ads revenue for YouTube Shorts, Shorts creators who are already part of YPP can easily earn from ads revenue.

Sponsorships and Brand Deals

Besides the YouTube Shorts bonus, creators have another amazing and easier way to earn from YouTube Shorts, which is through sponsorships and brand deals.

In sponsorship, creators get paid for advertising a product or service in their Shorts. This could include any product line, from electronic devices to clothing. And It is not required to get a million views and subscribers to get a brand deal, only the right audience is needed. At least 51% of marketers have shown their interest to invest in YouTube Shorts this year. Brands are looking forward to joining hands with the YouTube Shorts Creators. 


These are some ways through which you can make money from YouTube Shorts and the most interesting and beneficial way is to earn ad revenue from YouTube Shorts, which will begin on February 1, 2023. Besides these things, creators need to ensure some other important things to maximize their earnings and profits from YouTube Shorts. Creators need to ensure things like the content they post should be original, the niche should be in the interest of the audience, the thumbnail should be compelling, the shorts hashtag needs to be included for better reach and Shorts should be precise and straight to the point, which could help the audience to connect better with the creator.

Overall, these things contribute to better earnings and lead to the success of the channel altogether,

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Q. How can I earn from YouTube Shorts?

Ans) You can earn from YouTube Shorts in the following ways : 

You can earn from ads revenue, which will come into existence from February 1, 2023. If you meet all the requirements and get qualified for YouTube Shorts Fund, then you can claim your bonus from the Shorts Fund. You can earn from Brand deals and Sponsorship

Q. How much can I earn from the YouTube Shorts Fund?

Ans) Channels that get qualified for YouTube Shorts Fund get between $100–$10,000 every month. The bonus also depends on the location of a creator’s audience, due to which the viewership and engagement needed to qualify might differ among the creators.

Q. How can I claim my Shorts bonus from the Shorts Fund?

Ans) Qualifying creators need to select claim bonus in their email or in the notification of the app to reach the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio, and from this page, creators need to follow two steps : 

Creators have to accept the bonus terms.

Creators need to set up or link their AdSense accounts.

Q. How much will creators earn from the ads revenue of the YouTube Shorts?

Ans) Creators will get a share of 45% of the ads revenue of the YouTube Shorts. It is one of the best ways to earn from YouTube Shorts.

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