How To Get Community Tab On YouTube [Increase Engagement]

How To Get Community Tab On YouTube [Increase Engagement]

If you are a Content Creator on YouTube and want to Know How To Get a Community Tab On YouTube then the minimum eligibility for this is that your Youtube Channel must have 500 Subscribers on it. Then only you can use the Community Tab for posting regularly. Another way to get the Community Tab is by requesting YouTube to enable advanced features on your YouTube channel.

Community posts are a mixed format of a blog post and a social media post. Community Posts allow creators to share text, images, and other media directly with their subscribers which makes it more engaging with the audience. This new feature provides creators with a new way to share information and engage with their audiences, beyond just the traditional video format.

The Community Tab is a feature on YouTube that allows content creators to interact with their subscribers in new and creative ways. From polls and Q&A sessions to announcements and behind-the-scenes content, the Community Tab gives creators a platform to engage with their audience in a more personal and dynamic manner.

Here’s how to get a Community Tab on the YouTube channel:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria: To get the Community Tab, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and be in good standing with YouTube’s policies. Additionally, your channel must be active, with recent uploads and engagement.
  • Enable the Community Tab: Log into your YouTube account and go to your channel’s “Settings and Privacy.” From there, click on the “Community” tab and enable the feature.
  • Add Community Tab content: Once you’ve enabled the Community Tab, you can start adding content to it. This can include text posts, images, videos, polls, and more. You can also use the Community Tab to host live Q&A sessions and share behind-the-scenes content with your subscribers.
  • Engage with your audience: Encourage your audience to engage with your Community Tab content by asking questions, starting discussions, and responding to comments. The more active you are on the Community Tab, the more likely your audience will be to participate and interact with your channel.
  • Monitor and manage your Community Tab: Regularly check your Community Tab for new content and comments, and respond to your audience in a timely manner. You can also use the moderation tools to manage inappropriate or spammy comments.

Why Community Tab is important

After enabling the Community Tab on your Youtube Channel, your work increases by regularly posting a Community Post on your Youtube Channel. With this posting on the Community Tab, you can increase your viewership and increase your channel exposure to the world.

This can be really beneficial for engagement with the audience without uploading new videos frequently, For example, you can post a poll on the Community Tab and people are responding to that poll this will maximise the reach of your channel.

Reaching a new audience

You can increase reaching new audiences by posting regularly on the Community Tab. You can choose any post according to the requirement like conducting polls on any trendy topic or sharing any GIFs or any simple image just to update your subscribers about you. This will definitely increase the audience engagement with your channel and YouTube and also promote your Community Post to others. This way you can reach a new audience organically.

Difference between Posts and Videos

Both the Community Post and Videos are equally important as posting new videos consistently will give you views and thus generate revenue. In the case of Community Post, it does not generate revenue for you but it can definitely increase the engagement with the audience. 

You can upload many Community Posts per day accordingly and the audience also interacts quickly by commenting or by just liking the post.

While in Videos, you don’t have to upload them as frequently as compared to Community Posts.

Youtube Community Algorithm

YouTube has its algorithm for every section of it. Many people think that the YouTube Community Post algorithm works the same as the video recommendation but it does not. YouTube has a different algorithm for both of them. But I have to make community posts frequently as it hardly takes a few minutes to create a simple community post which is much less time compared to creating new videos.

Maybe you cannot increase your subscriber count and views on your channel by Community Posts but it will definitely increase the exposure of your YouTube channel to the audiences.

Community Post Content

Community posts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sharing behind-the-scenes content, updates, sneak peeks, and more. This feature also provides a new space for creators to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with their audiences. For viewers, community posts offer a deeper level of engagement and interaction with their favourite creators.

Top Ways to Use Community Post

Purpose of Community Post: The very first your Community Post should be on explaining the purpose of creating a community post. Explain to them what the audience expects from your community post, tell your audience about the importance of building a large community so as to increase engagement with the audience, and tell them your future plans about the posts on the community tab. And also explain what you plan for better content and ask for feedback from the audience.

Selling your Merchandise: The very best way to use the Community Tab is for the purpose of generating revenue from it. You can just make a creative post with the photo of your merchandise along with the purchase link below will definitely increase your revenue as well as the popularity among audiences. Many fans of Youtubers are eager to buy the merchandise of their favourite content creators.

Endorsing your most popular video: This is the best way to promote your content and increase the audience base.

You can showcase the analytics of your most popular video on your channel. This will encourage the audience to watch it as people are always curious about popular or viral videos.

Show the trailer of your upcoming video: People are always excited about something new. So you can show a sneak peek of your next upcoming video on Community Post by sharing stills or an intro of your new video. It will increase the interest of the audience for that new video and thus increase the engagement with the audience.

Make a survey or poll 

You can ask your subscribers about the quality of content, whether they like it or not or make a poll on your next viral video. For this, your Community Post comes in handy.

Hosting QA Sessions: Look, all audiences are human beings and humans have emotions in them. So you have to connect with your audience emotionally then only they will become your permanent community members. This job can be easily done by having a regular time-to-time Q&A Session with the audience in the Community Tab. You can understand the audience and the audience will understand your standpoint. How to engage with your audience is a very crucial step that many content creators ignore. If you can crack the engagement game with the audience then this will benefit you and your channel in the long run.

Getting new Ideas: You can get new ideas for your next new video. Your audience who is a member of your community for a long time can share their ideas for your new content. But make sure you give them credit for engaging and sharing great ideas with you and also express your gratitude to them.

Sharing GIFs and Memes: You can share creative GIFs or any meme on your Community Tab which can engage the audience and make sure they like them. Mostly your creativity should be something related to your next upcoming video content. This will increase engagement on your YouTube channel.

Asking for Help: Community Post is a very helpful tool for the content creator if you are doing any community service then you can ask for support from your audience. A community that is built on trust is always helpful when needed. 


In conclusion, YouTube Community Posts are a great feature that provides Youtubers with a new way to connect with their audiences. This feature offers a range of benefits, including a more direct and personal connection with viewers, a wider range of content options, and a new platform for advertisers. Youtube Content Creators should keep in mind the importance of relevance and consistency when using this feature, and make sure that their community posts are interesting and engaging to viewers.

Faqs Related To YouTube Community Tab

Q1. Can I post a community post daily on YouTube?

Yes,  you can post on the Community tab daily as it does not have any restrictions on it. And it hardly takes any time to share a simple post on the Community Tab.

Q2. What are the requirements for YouTube Community posts?

For getting the Community Tab on your channel the minimum requirement is that your Youtube channel must have at least 500 subscribers on it.

Q3. Who sees my community posts?

Your community post can be seen by both, your subscribers as well as new audiences.

Q4. Can you make money from YouTube community posts?

Well, your community post cannot help direct earning but you can increase your revenue by selling your merchandise on Community Posts and by increasing the audience base for your video content.

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