Role Of Thumbnail And Title In Driving YouTube Views In 2023

Role Of Thumbnail And Title In Driving YouTube Views In 2023

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In the YouTube world, the thumbnail and title are the most crucial part of driving views to your YouTube video. They are the first thing users see while scrolling through their YouTube feeds, and they are the primary factors to decide whether the user will click on them or not.

The thumbnail of the video is the image that appears above the video title of your video when it is displayed in search results, related videos, or channel pages. The thumbnail is often a still frame taken from the video itself or it can be custom designed to catch the eye of the viewer and make them click on the video. 

A well-crafted title should be clear, concise, and descriptive, giving the viewer an idea of what to expect to see in the video.

The thumbnail and title work together to catch the viewer’s eye and interest. They are the primary factors that decide the success of the video and they determine on it whether the viewer will click on the video or not.

Here are key factors that determine the viewer’s decision to watch the video:

  • Attention-grabbing: An eye-catching and exciting thumbnail can grab viewers’ attention and make them watch the video. An interesting thumbnail relatable as the title says can be irresistible to the viewer. Make sure you give time to make a thumbnail because an attractive thumbnail will help in more clicks on the video.
  • Clarity: A clear and concise title will help the user what to expect in the video. If a title is too confusing it’s very less likely for the user to click on the video.
  • Relevance: The content should be represented clearly with the title and the thumbnail. If the thumbnail or the title misrepresents the information conveyed in the video, the viewer will close the video as soon as they realize that and even may report the video.
  • Branding: The title and thumbnail of the video play a major factor in establishing the brand identity of the creator or channel. Consistent use of colours, fonts, and design elements will help to create a brand identity to get recognized by a user. Once a channel or creator becomes a brand, the viewer will become his follower or fan, and views will get more consistent.
  • Search optimization: The thumbnail and title play a major role in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Use an image that accurately reflects the content of the video by including relevant keywords in the title. It will improve the chance that your video will appear in the search result for a relevant query.
  • Consistency: Consistency is the key. You must have a unique thumbnail associated with colours or fonts that represent your brand and identity so the user will recognize your video in a crowded place. Be consistent with your channel thumbnail to become recognizable.
  • Communicate Quality: A poorly designed or low-quality thumbnail will make your video look unprofessional. On the other hand, the high-quality thumbnail will communicate high-quality video.
  • Engagement: A title that sparks curiosity can increase viewer engagement. By a compelling title, you can make the viewer click on the video and watch the video.


In conclusion, thumbnails and titles are the most important factor in driving views on YouTube. They play an important role in attracting attention, representing the content, and communicating quality, consistency, accuracy, relevancy, keywords, and engagement.

The thumbnail is the first thing viewers notice while scrolling on YouTube or any channel page. Make sure to have an impactful thumbnail to get the viewer to click on it. An eye-catching thumbnail that accurately represents the title and content of the video will make the viewer click on the video.

Similarly, the title of the video also plays an important factor in driving YouTube views. A clear, concise, and descriptive title can help the viewer understand what the video is about. Including relevant keywords in the title will also help in driving more YouTube views.

Furthermore, a combination of both a compelling title and thumbnail will increase the chances of driving more YouTube views.

In summary, the thumbnail and title are both important factors in driving more views and increasing user engagement. Creators should invest time and effort while making thumbnails and deciding the title of the video. Your title and thumbnails must be designed in a way to attract viewers. 


Q1. Do thumbnails increase YouTube views?

Yes, quality and attractive thumbnails can increase YouTube views. Use thumbnails that are relevant to the content of the video.

Q2. Is the title important on YouTube?    

 The title is an important factor in driving YouTube views when it comes to YouTube SEO, it must include keywords in the video title.

Q3. Which colour affects the most in the thumbnail most?

It is recommended to use Yellow in the YouTube thumbnail.

Q4. Does changing the YouTube video title affect it?  

Changing YouTube video title affects both positive and negative ways. If a

video is not optimized properly, changing the YouTube video title may help it to rank higher.

Q5. What is the rule for YouTube thumbnails?

Upload thumbnails in JPG, GIF, or PNG file format with a resolution of 1280×720. The image should be under the 2 MB limit. 

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