YouTube Is Removing Ads On Videos

YouTube Is Removing Ads On Videos

YouTube has decided to stop showing overly ads from its platform from April 6, 2023, onwards. According to YouTube, “This step is taken to improve the user experience. Overlay ads only appear to the desktop viewers.” Overlay ads are the banner ads that appear at the bottom of the video. Overlay ads are a great way to catch users’ attention but sometimes they get annoying for the user as they take up extra space at the bottom of the video. But users can make them disappear from the video as they have a small cross button at the top right corner of the ads.

What are overlay ads?   

Overlay ads appear on the video on top or bottom as pop-up cards and are displayed only to desktop viewers. Overlay ads will redirect to the external page when clicking on it. YouTube said, “These advertising are only displayed on the desktop and we expect to see a limited impact for most Creators as engagement changes to other ad forms.” 

According to YouTube, many users have shifted to other forms of ads on YouTube. 

What are the different forms of ads on YouTube?

Skippable Video Ads: These are the video ads displayed before, during or after a video, but viewers can skip the ads after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable Video Ads: These ads are played after a video. These ads are 15 seconds long and viewers cannot skip these ads.

Bumper Ads: These ads are also known as non-skippable video ads. These ads cannot be skipped and are only 5-6 seconds long.

Display Ads: These ads appear above the suggestion list, on the right-hand side of the YouTube page. These ads can be rectangular images, square, banners, or text.

Sponsored cards: These small cards provide links related to the advertised product or services and other additional information.

TrueView Discovery Ads: These ads are displayed on the search result of the video page. These ads are longer than other types of ads but viewers have the option to skip them.

How will it change the YouTube viewing experience?

Removing overlay ads from YouTube means users will not be greeted with an ad every time they try to play a video. But the ads that appear at the beginning, middle, and at end of the video will be there. YouTube also added, “limited impact for most creators as engagement shifts to other ad formats.”

What is the future of YouTube ads after removing overlay ads?

YouTube is removing overlay ads to improve user experience and streamline advertising offerings. Overlay ads can be annoying for some viewers, especially if they are covering an important part of the video.

The future of YouTube ads is promising even without overlay ads. YouTube’s advanced targeting option will allow users to a highly effective campaign. YouTube creators can still reach their target audience through other ad formats. Additionally, YouTube will come up with new ad formats, such as shoppable ads and AR ads, which could be more widely available in the future.


YouTube’s decision towards removing overlay ads is a step towards improving user experience. Overlay ads may benefit YouTube creators, but it is frustrating to many viewers. It is a dedication from YouTube to streamline its advertising offerings. YouTube will focus on other ad formats like sponsored cards, in-stream ads, and video discovery ads. Video advertising is becoming much more popular with the changing trends in digital advertising.

YouTubers still have a lot more options for advertising to choose from, despite the removal of overlay ads. Shoppable ads and AR ads are the advanced targeting options users can use to create effective and engaging campaigning to reach their target audience.

Overall, YouTube’s decision to remove overlay ads from April 6 will be a positive step for both users and the audience. YouTube will be more likely to retain more viewers by creating a better user experience. By making these positive changes YouTube is paving the way for the future of online video content and positioning itself as the leader of digital advertising.


Q1. Is YouTube removing ads?

Ans. Yes, YouTube is removing overlay ads only from its platform from April 6, but other ads are live and will be showing on YouTube.

Q2. How long are unskippable ads?

Ans. Non-skippable ads are short ads that appear before, during, or after a video. Viewers cannot skip these ads and these ads range between 6 to 15 seconds.

Q3. Do YouTubers get paid for 5-second ads?

Ans.  In these ads viewers have the option to skip these ads, you will not get paid if viewers skip these. Payment will be much more if a viewer clicks on the ad.

Q4. How much is 1 ad worth on YouTube?

Ans. The exact price is not defined by Youtube as to how much ads are worth but rates usually range between $0.10 to $0.30 per view.

Q5. How much is YouTube ad free?

Ans. YouTube Premium provides benefits like an ad-free experience, offline video streaming, and convenient perks starting at $11.99 per month.

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