Best YouTube Collaboration Forums

Best YouTube Collaboration Forums

Before knowing what are best YouTube collaboration forums you must be aware with What is collaboration in YouTube. So basically, it can be explained as where two youtubers starts working together with the ultimate aim of gaining popularity.

It ultimately helps in increasing your YouTube views and subscribers but make sure that you collaborate with the right youtuber means try to find out which youtubers are growing at a fast rate and whose content of the video and video category is same as yours.

Try to collaborate within the category. For say, if you are having 1K subscribers and the youtuber whom you are observing his subscribers are 10K and are increasing day by day and his content is almost the same as yours then the best way to boost up your popularity is by collaborating with him.

I hope the concept of YouTube collaboration is clear and know how it works. Good collaboration with youtubers can definitely attract new viewers towards your videos.

Make sure you are ready with your channel set up and new viewers and fully prepared in attracting their interest so that they can’t leave before subscribing.

Things can be done before collaborating:

  • Make sure you have Set up the attractive visual aspects of your channel so that your new viewers can understand in a better way about what you are all about.
  • Maintain proper consistency in uploading your content so that it can reflect that you are active towards your channel.
  • Try to analyse that which of the video of yours is most liked by the viewers so that it can help to frame out that what kind of content your viewers are demanding from you.
  • Go and create your account on YouTube creator community so that you can communicate with the creators and can plan your collaboration accordingly and also it helps in keeping you updated with all the new YouTube announcements.

Many creators think that they can only collaborate with youtubers that have are having similar range of subscribers as they are having but in reality, this is not the case.

You can collaborate with any youtuber and make collab video regardless of the number of the subscribers because the thing which matters the most is your value.

The one who is collaborating is not necessary for him to make exactly same type of videos as you are making but the point which must be considered is that for achieving better number of subscribers try to collaborate with the youtubers whose category of content is same as yours.

Things to be considered when analysing potential collaborators:

  • Always be familiar with their YouTube channel and the type of content they make
  • Think that in which way you can provide value it may include your special skills, production resources, unique access and broad audience.
  • Always collaborate with the creators whose content you like so that it helps in creating better understanding and relationship.

Now let’s see that which kind YouTube collaboration forums can be best for you. Some YouTube Collaboration Forum Options are listed below:

YT Talk

YT Talk is the big YouTube collaboration forum which is the best platform If you are looking for collaborations. It is one of the best platform to find collaborations as here YouTube discussions also goes which helps ultimately for the same.

It is the great forum that helps you to educate yourself and also to find several ways that may help you to grow as a content creator.

The YouTube Community

The YouTube Community is another new feature of YouTube that allows various content producers to interact directly with their community. It is quite similar like YT Talk and does the same thing that you can do on YT Talk.

One other benefit of this forum is that it becomes easier to interact on the community page rather than on the individual basis and thus you are more likely to get responses to particular topics.


Collaborations are thus an effective way to grow more as a youtuber and helps in expanding your audience. Collaborating with best youtubers also helps in creating a long-lasting bond. So, this was all about this blog stay tuned to our blog for upcoming new blogs where we can advice you more in a better way which may help you in growing.

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