How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel In 2023

How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel In 2023

What is Youtube? I don’t think anyone in 2023 asked this question. According to statistics, there are more than 46 crores youtube users in India and 24 crores users in the US who are just consumers of youtube. Youtube is the second highest search engine in the world but still, creators on youtube are not more than 6 crores. So there are still many opportunities in the creator section of youtube.

So there is no reason for the disappointment of FOMO for becoming a youtube creator and starting a new channel in 2023. As the statistic report, the number of youtube users was increasing day by day in the upcoming year.

First Understand About Audience 

Creating a youtube channel without connecting to the audience is like selling ice in Antarctica, right, nobody does this because it does not make sense. Likewise, on youtube, you have to understand what the audience is liking and sharing on regular basis. For example, if you are creating a youtube channel for teaching chemistry and then you just upload a video on paraphrasing then you may lose your audience.

Maybe some of the chemistry learning pupils are also interested in learning English grammar also but most of the audience is coming to your channel for learning chemistry. 

So you have to be very precise and concise while creating a youtube channel and also interacting with the audience by replying to audience comments and also by doing youtube live streams with subscribers so that you can understand what your audience wants you to create. 

Find a Niche For your YouTube Channel

The most important and crucial aspect of becoming a youtube content creator is finding a niche topic i.e. a very specific and precise topic. As 500 crores videos are watched per day so if your youtube channel is not specific to a particular topic then there is very less chance that youtube will recommend your channel to the audience.

Channel Name

The youtube channel name should be chosen wisely as this will be the brand name of your channel. It is not necessary to be your name but the name must resonate with your channel description. Your channel name will be shown on videos and channel pages and youtube search result pages. The name of your channel must be easy to type and easy to memorize and make sure to not use numbers in your youtube channel name unless it is required like the 5-minute workout, Top 10 Gadgets, etc.

YouTube Channel Art

Youtube Channel Art is the banner or the poster which is shown as a background of your channel. It is the important factor that attracts the viewer. Channel Art will increase the reach of your channel and help in the branding of your channel. Many times creators don’t give importance to the channel art but those who make the Youtube Channel Art gets more subscribers and view count.

Youtube Channel Art helps the viewers what they are going to get from your channel and changing the banner according to the upcoming video will surely help to maximize the reach of your channel.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

After creating a youtube channel and uploading videos, the next step is to show how much your channel is optimized so that the youtube algorithm can recommend your channel to that specific audience.

So to make the channel more reachable, you must follow certain points to remember:

Your YouTube Channel name must have a search keyword in it so that people can easily find out what your channel is all about. Youtube also provides an About Us page. In that, you can tell what your channel is all about and the amazing part is that only the first 48 characters are only visible on the search result page. So you have to choose the keywords very carefully and specifically in the first 48 characters so that they can be visible on the page itself without opening the About Us page.

Another way to optimize your youtube channel is by using Keyword tags. These Keyword tags provide much more context for crawlers of search engines so that maximum audience reach is possible for your youtube channel. Before creating content on your channel, you must make an introductory video of less than a minute about your channel glimpse as it will attract new users to your channel.

Publishing long enough videos also helps in optimizing your youtube channel as youtube’s first page shows videos of approx. 14 minutes in length. The first 15 seconds of your video should be very interesting so that the viewer can engage throughout the video as the first 15 seconds will decide whether this video appeals to the viewer or not.

Many ways to improve the first 15 seconds of your video are by using voiceovers and using animations and many more ways. Another way to optimize your channel is by just saying the keyword in the video itself as it makes more reach to the viewers as we can remember what we hear.

Video Thumbnail also plays an important role to optimize your channel. Attractive thumbnails with proper banners and titles can appeal to the viewers to click on the video.

Well-Optimized Description

The description of your youtube channel shows on the About Us page and the maximum limit of description is 1000 characters. In the description, you have to summarize your youtube channel details.

After writing the summary, you can add the URL of your website and the URL of your youtube channel, and other links to your social media accounts. You can also add your business email id in the description of your youtube channel so that if anyone wants to contact you for the business.

Build A Playlist For Users

Building a youtube playlist is very important as it makes the group of your similar videos into one section. Youtube Algorithm is made in such a way that it automatically recommends your other videos if it is in your playlist. A Youtube playlist also helps you to get traffic even if the audience doesn’t know your channel name. So creating a playlist of videos is always beneficial for the creator.

Add a Channel Trailer on Home Page

Youtube Channel Trailer is a video of your channel that can be used to attract new audiences who just randomly come to your channel. Many times it is best practice to make a trailer video of not more than 30 seconds which can simply demonstrate what value your channel will provide. Another way to get more audience you can make your most viewed or most popular video as a trailer.

Optimize Video For Search

Optimizing youtube videos is a very important aspect as optimization makes youtube algorithms will recommend your video to more audiences. It is a very crucial step and had to deal with proper understanding. You can optimize your video by adding keyword tags, making attractive and relatable thumbnails, and having keywords in the video name and description.

Go With a Consistent

Consistency is very important in running a youtube channel. It makes your YouTube channel grow organically and get good traffic without any malpractices. Some ways to get consistent while uploading a video are: Having a schedule to upload a video. You have to be disciplined while uploading a video as it creates an order of maintaining a calendar for your video.

Your audience gets excited for a particular day of getting new video content. And it saves the audience time to always check for new content. You can also make a youtube banner on your upcoming video as the first glimpse along with the launching date of the video. This will make consistency in your channel.

Link your YouTube Channel With Your Social media

Maybe after uploading some videos, you may not get as much traction as it should, and maybe you create wonderful content on your channel but if nobody gets to know about your channel and you don’t get many views then what it is used for…right? So linking your youtube channel with other social media platforms is as important as other optimization techniques.

As the statistic says more than 70% of the US population are using social media sites so why not promote your channel on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc? You can make a 5-second teaser of your video for uploading on Whatsapp status and Instagram reels. This can capture more audience on your youtube channel

Engage with your Audience

Engaging with the audience is a step that many creators take for granted and give less importance to it. But if you want to run a successful youtube channel then engaging with the audience is a must practice. Because you are creating the video content, not for yourself …..right?

It is the audience that consumes your video and if you don’t know what your audience whats and which type of content they prefer then you may lose your views and subscribers. You can engage with the audience in many ways such as replying to audience comments directly in the comment section. You can also ask questions in the community tab and get the audience to reply to get the mindset of the audience. And the best way to interact with the audience is by having live QA sessions on youtube live stream.

Analyze Audience Behavior

Youtube provides a platform called Youtube Analytics which can be used to observe the audience’s behavior like what the audience likes and what they are watching and how much they are watching your video content. There are some metrics that can be used to observe the audience like Watch time:

It is the time that shows how many minutes the audience watches your video. This metric is very important as higher watch time makes youtube recommend your channel and other videos on your channel. 

Average percentage viewed: It is the total percentage of each video your channel that viewer watched. This metric tells how much your video can hold the audience. Engagement: This metric shows how much your video gets comments, shares, likes, and dislikes.

It portrays an exact picture of your channel that shows how much the audience gets attached to your video emotionally and how the audience can relate to your videos with them personally.

Last Words: 

Lastly, As Microsoft founder Bill Gates says, “content is the king”.  If you want to run a successful youtube channel in 2023 then your content must be niche and very specific to the topic and you have to optimize your youtube channel according to the audience. You have to analyze the analytics of your channel and optimize accordingly. All the techniques help you to grow a large community on your youtube channel, the only thing you have to consider is that your content must be unique and genuine to your heart.


Q1. Is creating a youtube channel free?

Yes, of course, you can create a Youtube channel for free. You just need a Google account to set up a new Youtube channel. 

Q2.Who can create a youtube channel?

Youtube channels can be created by anyone irrespective of any field. Doctors, Designers, Professors, and even Farmers can create a Youtube channel just to showcase their farming skills and share knowledge about farming.

Q3.When creating a youtube channel?

The best time to create a Youtube channel is NOW. If you want to create a Youtube channel then do not wait.

Q4.Can I create a youtube channel without Gmail?

No, As Youtube is a product of Google, you must have a Google account for creating a Youtube channel.

Q5.How to get ideas for creating a youtube channel?

You can always look for trending topics for your YouTube channel but the best practice is that you should choose a topic related to your field or in which you have an interest.

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