YouTube Shorts Ideas To Get More Views And Reach

YouTube Shorts Ideas To Get More Views And Reach

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Short-duration videos are widely popular nowadays, and while acknowledging this fact many platforms including YouTube introduced this feature. This move was influenced by Tiktok as with time a massive population got attracted to this feature. Short-duration videos are a time savior and the best way to get entertained during your free time, maybe that is one big reason why their popularity is ever-growing. YouTube launched this feature as YouTube shorts, where creators have a chance to create a video for 60 seconds. YouTube Shorts gained tremendous popularity in a short period and now it has over 15 billion views daily. YouTube Shorts is another huge opportunity for creators to present themselves most creatively and engagingly. There is huge traffic of creators as well on this platform, so eventually, this gives rise to competition and it takes a careful plan and strategies to get maximum youtube shorts views on your content. As a creator, you might be considering YouTube Shorts as a medium to gain more engagement and subscribers to your channel, so here is a complete guide for you.

Highlights of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts introduces its unique and fascinating features that will only help creators to present their content more strongly.

1) Creators are allowed to create shorts for 60 seconds

2) Shorts are shot and edited vertically

3) If you choose the audio library then you can only add a 15-second clip.

4) YouTube Shorts provides unique features for editing

5) You can also add filters to your video while using the YouTube Shorts Camera

6) YouTube Shorts are currently available in India, the USA, the UK, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South America, Mexico, and Nigeria

How to attract more views on your YouTube Shorts Videos

YouTube provides simple tools to upload your shorts but getting the desired reach is still a dream of many. Without any doubt, the creator needs to do a lot of hard work and should have a little patience to hit the mark of success but besides these things, the creator also needs to strategize and act accordingly so that he can attain his goals instantly.

Here are the basic, creative, and unique ways through which you can attain the desired reach for your YouTube Shorts : 

Analyze the needs and preferences of viewers

Since you are creating content to grab the attention of the viewers, you need to make sure that you understand that the topic of your content should be in the interest of the viewers, so that they can connect with your content and might end up subscribing to your channel if you fulfill their specific needs through your content. 

Simple and straight to the point

YouTube Shorts provides only a few seconds to present your content, so you need to make your video wisely. Your video should not make the viewers confused, bored, or unsatisfied. Make sure that you utilize the 60 seconds of the video in the best manner possible. This way you can leave a great impact on the viewers.

Thumbnail and Title

The Thumbnail and title of your YouTube Shorts should grab the attention of the audience, but make sure you don’t add any misleading thing just to gain views. The thumbnail and title of your YouTube Shorts should be related to your shorts.

Include hashtags in your YouTube Shorts Video

This is the most basic yet important thing to remember. These Hashtags are the ladder to gaining a significant reach on your video. Use the relevant hashtags and popular hashtags such as #youtube #shorts, and #video. 

YouTube Shorts Playlist

You can easily gain views to your every YouTube Short by creating a playlist as viewers can then watch the video one after another and this might also give more views to the long videos of your channel. You need to make sure that your content is engaging enough to get the overall reach of your channel.

Include YouTube Shorts in the Featured section

You can feature your YouTube Shorts on your YouTube channel. You have to select the feature option from the YouTube settings and then you need to select the YouTube Short that you want to feature.

Review of the trendy products

You can choose to review the trendy products of your choice. This is one of the great ways to get more engagement with your content. Make sure that you provide the relevant details to your viewers so that this can genuinely help them and their utmost satisfaction and happiness will get you more likes, views, and subscribers.

Create mini-tutorials 

You can create mini-tutorials on a variety of topics be it for makeup, hairstyle, clothing, electronics or any other general queries that you find can help the viewers and look at what other creators are missing that viewers need, so that is how you can leave a good impression on your viewers. Your detail-oriented efforts will help you gain more reach for your content.

Create thought-provoking and unique content

Nowadays, many creators are trying to copy the style of other creators which makes it almost the same and viewers also might lose their interest in such a situation. You can choose to create a short on the same topic but the approach should be unique, it should define your intellectuality and perspective. Viewers are also fond of finding something unique and eccentric, amidst the regular.

Under-reported news 

There are so many under-reported things that are happening within and outside the country and people are usually unaware as either the mainstream media don’t report them at all or they don’t report in a required manner. YouTube Shorts is a great medium to present such content as people can gain knowledge within a few seconds. You need to finalize a script for your YouTube Shorts in such a way that your viewers can get the required highlights of the news within the time limit of the video. Remember the news that you are sharing is authentic.

Create awareness of stigmatized and stereotypical topics

There are certain things on which people need to change their perspective as people still believe in a lot of myths due to social conditioning or simply because they never got the right knowledge that could make them understand the actual truth. For this, you need to have an interest and intention to learn about things on a deeper level, so that you can pass on the information on a big platform like YouTube. This will attract more viewers to your YouTube Shorts as people who are eager to learn new things will surely appreciate your efforts to bring such content to them.

Optimize YouTube Shorts for SEO
Creators must know how they can optimize their YouTube videos. There are some important points that the creators need to remember and they are :
1) Inclusion of the right keywords in the title and description of YouTube shorts
2) Inclusion of tags
3) The image of the thumbnail needs to get optimized for SEO
4) Keep a regular check on the performance of your YouTube Shorts


YouTube Shorts is a great feature for both the creators and viewers. Creators now have more creative options to entertain their viewers, so this is how viewers can also find even more engaging content on YouTube. Through these different interesting ideas, creators can continue to bring fascinating content, which can help them to increase their reach on YouTube Shorts, although both the techniques and ideas contribute to the progress in views and reach on YouTube Shorts. This significant reach to your YouTube Shorts can help you to earn money and recognition. If you are creative and passionate and want to reach the audience on a massive level, then this is a great opportunity for you.

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