YouTube Emotes - Now YouTube Roll Out A New Feature Called YouTube Emotes

YouTube Emotes – Now YouTube Roll Out A New Feature Called YouTube Emotes

YouTube always comes up with new experiments and features as it has always been a popular platform, and to continue with that legacy, YouTube strives to serve the best to its users. Every other day we can witness how YouTube tries to bring more interesting options to us so that we can have a better experience. Now YouTube has rolled out another interesting feature which is YouTube emotes. This feature allows users to express themselves using funny images and this option is available for both live streaming and while commenting on a post.

How does the new YouTube Emotes feature work 

During online communication, it often happens that we want to express ourselves more than those mere words and then we look for other options, so now YouTube provides us with that option as well. This new feature allows users to express themselves through hilarious images during live streaming or while commenting on a video or a post. YouTube Emotes includes various fun images and also provides all kinds of available emojis and emotes and also includes which can be found below any channel membership custom emoji. This is a great way to build a stronger connection with the users. This makes the users more engaged with the platform. Users can’t use this option on their mobile devices, but they can enjoy the library of emotes on YouTube for the web. 

How to use this feature 

You have to click on the smiley face in the live stream or comment section. If you want to use this feature in a live stream then you can find this option on the left and if you want to use this feature in the comment section then you can find the pre-recorded videos in the emoji section to the right-hand side. Now, it is more fun to spend your free time on YouTube as this feature makes it interesting for the users to express their opinions, feelings, or ideas even more effectively.

Some other recent features introduced by YouTube

Live Q&A Feature

This feature was introduced by YouTube last month. In this feature, creators can manage their live stream and can extend their interaction with their audience. Here creators can manage questions from their Live Control Room (LCR). Now, creators can easily reply to a range of questions. Overall, this creates a better experience for all the creators of YouTube and also this helps in building a better connection with the audience.

Darker Dark Mode Feature

YouTube has changed the background colors of the app, which makes it even darker than before. Now, this new darker update is highly appealing to most of the users as this gives a richer look to the app and this feature was in demand as well.

This update is a great option for those who generally prefer dark modes on the apps.

Zoom Feature

This was one of the most demanded features on YouTube and was later on finally launched by YouTube. So now users can zoom a video at their convenience and users do not need to hold the video to keep the video on zoom. To zoom out the video, you just need to pinch out.

Modified User Interface Elements

The most common and highly used features of YouTube are, like, dislike and share icons now have a new look. All these icons can be seen in a lighter colour than before, This was done to minimise distractions. The icon of the subscriber also has a new look, along with the new colour, and now it can be seen on the right side to make it more visible to the audience.

Ambient mode
This is another one of the interesting features of YouTube. This mode takes colours from the video and splashes those colours on the upper side of the YouTube user interface, so basically, it reflects the colours of the video. This feature resembles the effect of a television screen when you turn off the lights in a room. This feature was introduced by YouTube to give a fantastic experience to those users who use the platform in dark mode.

Precision Seeking

Earlier, users had to revisit the previous shots to watch the specific part of the video that they wish to see again, but this new feature allows the users to drag and swipe up the video to reach that part of the video that they seek. This is comparatively less time-consuming and convenient for the users.


We already have such a feature on other platforms and now it is available on YouTube as well. This will leave a positive impact on the regular users of YouTube. It is an interesting move by YouTube as now it will be more fun for the users to communicate differently. This will ignite more interest in people, which would lead to more engagements on this platform. Users are usually attracted to the creative aspects of the social platform and this feature will only get a favourable response from the users.

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