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Indian Government Bans Youtube 45 Videos Including Channels

Indian Government Bans YouTube 45 Videos Including Channels

The  government of India on started blocking channels on youtube on Monday (27 september) and has dropped the axe on 10 other  Youtube channels for exploiting religious harmony spreading disinformation allegedly related to  Agnipath scheme introduced by the government a few years ago which is  related to national security and foreign relations and its relation. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has informed  that the ministry  has given order to an online  social media platform and online video sharing app – YouTube to block and remove 45 videos among 10 channels. Those videos which  have been blocked have a cumulative views of more than 1 crore 30 lakhs. Some videos of Famous YouTuber Dhruv Rathee, have also got  listed in the category youtube blocked videos.

 The Indian ministry of information and broadcasting reveals that “Some of  the videos have been  blocked by the Indian  Ministry  as such videos and channels are accused  of spreading disinformation about the scheme of  Agneepath launched by the Indian government, India’s national security apparatus, Indian Armed Forces, Kashmir, etc.

The content was observed  sensitively from the perspective of national security and India’s friendly relations with foreign States,” the Ministry  said in the statement.

“The content included  morphed videos and fake news spreading with the intention  to instigate hatred among the  religious communities. For Instance. claims such as the Indian  Government has taken away  religious rights of certain communities, violent threats against declaration of civil war in India, religious communities,  etc,” it adds.

Here Are The Main Reasons Given in Detail, Why These Channels and Videos Got Blocked.

Fake news:   Some channels allegedly showed morphed  videos  and fake news with the intention to spread hatred among religious communities.  It  is said that the content of those 45 videos has shown morphed videos and fake news to instigate hatred among communities of different religions. For  Example some of the banned videos claimed that the government has taken away some religious rights of certain communities, declaration of civil war in India, giving  threats against religious communities, etc. The Ministry of information and broadcasting said such videos were found to have enough  content and potential to cause  rifts between different communities  and disrupt public order in the country.

Spreading Disinformation: Spread disinformation on issues related to national security, Agnipath scheme, Indian Armed Forces etc. 

The Indian ministry of information and broadcasting  has banned some channels and videos spreading disinformation on issues related to Agnipath scheme, Indian Armed Forces, India’s national security apparatus, Kashmir, etc. When the content was observed it is said to be  false and sensitive from the perspective of national security and India’s friendly relations with foreign affairs.

 Channel Showing Parts of The Indian Territory in Pakistan 

                  Another reason to block such channel that some video has content  showing some of the Indian territory as a territory of pakistan the channels or video which contain such type of content are  blocked by the Indian Ministry of information and broadcasting, the statement also said, that these videos have enough content to harm  sovereignty and integrity of India,    communal disharmony, India’s friendly relations with foreign States, and public order in the country.  

List of banned Youtube Videos              

So, Now we are going to tell you about the detailed list of banned youtube videos from the I&B Ministry. The Ministry Issued a detailed list with the name of the channel and the name of the youtube videos. The Government has banned 45 videos from 10 different youtube channels. Government said that videos spread fake news. They include false claims.

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