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 “Monetize” refers to earning profit from YouTube videos uploaded by creators. YouTube basically has its own monetization program that is for creators, which is called the YouTube Partner program. To monetize the YouTube account, the creator needs to be a verified YouTube partner.

How to become a YouTube Partner?

There are many that a creator must follow in order to be a YouTube partner:


•   Creator needs over 1,000 subscribers.

•  The channel must have 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months.

•   YouTube Partner Program must be available in the creator’s country.

•   Creator must have a linked AdSense Account.


The creator should comply we YouTube monetization policy:

•     YouTube reviews the channel and checks the theme, most viewed videos, watch time, video metadata, newest video, and much more.

•     Creator needs to enable 2 step verification for his account.

•     Creator must follow YouTube community guidelines: YouTube rules for content are thorough and the platform continually checks channels for consistency with the standards. So, the creator must learn and verify that his content uploaded by him ticks all the requirements before applying for a YPP account. This includes the use of copyrighted material as well.

•      Creator must follow AdSense program policies.


If a creator needs to apply to YPP, he needs to verify his account by following 3 steps mentioned below:

1.   Go to the YouTube Channel and then click on Manage Videos.

2.   On the left side menu, select Settings /Channel and then Feature eligibility.

3.   Select Verify Phone Number. Then Select: Text me the verification code to get the code for verification.

Creator will get the code on his phone number and he just needs to click on it.


If the creator meets the requirements, he can sign up for the program by following these steps:

•   Signing in to his YouTube account

•   Clicking on his profile / YouTube Studio

•    In the left menu, selecting Monetization

If the creator meets the requirements, he needs to click Start on the Review Partner Program terms card.

Note: Creator needs to connect an AdSense Account to get paid.

How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

YouTube as a platform offers various monetization options for creators that are part of the YouTube Partner Program.

•   Ad Revenue

Companies in the Google AdSense Network create ads that are placed at any moment in the video uploaded by a creator who is part of the YouTube Partner Program. Each time a viewer watches the entire ad, the creator gets paid.

The ads can be placed at the start of the video, it is called pre-roll ads. When the video you uploaded is longer than 10 minutes, the creator also gets an option to enable ads during the video, it is called mid-roll ads.

Creator gets ad revenue from ads placed on his channel (display, overlay, and video ads).

•  Channel memberships

The creator can offer membership to his subscribers in exchange for exclusive content, badges, or any other custom perks, creator needs to have more than 30.000 subscribers to apply for this monetization option.

•   Merchandise shelf

The creator can sell official branded merchandise presented on his watch page. This type of monetization option is good for those YouTubers who have great branding. Activists, influencers, and gamers could use this monetization option. The creator needs to have more than 10,000 subscribers to apply to this monetization option.

•   Super Chat

The fans of the creator’s channel can have their messages highlighted in his channel chat stream, so their messages can catch attention. This is useful for Tubers that enable live chat during their live streams.

•   YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube lets some creators get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch the content of these creators. This gives a reward to content creators that produce great content which attracts premium subscribers. So, when the content of creators attracts premium users, they can get paid by YouTube.


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