Video is the most engaging form of digital content. The quality of a video can truly make or break a meeting or your work but it can stop or decrease your productivity and keep you far away from reaching the goals. Many creators do not end up seeing the result they would like from their video post purely as they missed some smaller, functional elements and details.

The resolution of our videos plays a great role nowadays in the overall experience of watching an sharing a video. But what happens when the video resolution is poor or the video is too dark or shaky? Sometimes there is some background audio noise recorded in the video. All in one, is how to improve video quality in such cases. Very often minor modification can yield dramatic improvement. There are some key tips that will help us to improve the performance of our video content. There are also video quality enhancers that we can use to improve the quality of the video. Much enhancement software are also there to solve our problems. While, in this article we have picked the best five ways to enhance the video quality.

  1.Open the handbrake on your computer.

Handbrake is a free video editor that makes it easy to improve the quality of a low resolution video clip. Handbrake is safe to download and is virus fr5ee as long as you download the tool from its original website.

2. Switch to Ethernet

Wi-Fi  maybe the most easy way to connect , but it is still not the fastest. Getting a wired Internet or Ethernet is a lot faster since there is not much interference as the Internet travels from your router to your device. Wires can be quiet annoying but they are still the best way to get the best results.

3. Disable hard acceleration in your settings.

Hardware acceleration is commonly associated with  pixelated graphics slow streams and crashing media players, especially on playing / editing / watching a video. This affects the quality of the Video.

By turning off hardware acceleration, your machine will allow application to select hardware resources instead of using the computers universal settings which would lead to better video quality.

4.Learn to use simple video editing software 

Always see the transcript of the video, always create transcripts for every video created on any platform. This feature would make the videos more accessible and also makes pulling quotes and copy a lot easier.

5.You should always have a video converter application or software that converts video titles to HD many video converter apps available at no cost from the play store but video format factory by keerby is a highly rated free app that can convert video to HD and to full HD.

These are some ways to enhance the video quality

Better video quality leads itself to clear communication stronger work and greater results .

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