How To Get More Views On Youtube Shorts

How To Get More Views On Youtube Shorts

Youtube shorts is a category on youtube where you can post your 15-30 seconds video for your audience. The biggest dilemma that comes along with it that how can you make a video with such a short duration that entices the audience as well.

Tips and Tricks to get more views on youtube shorts

This being very challenging most YouTubers struggle with views on their shorts. It is very common to have lesser views on your shorts than on your normal full-fledged video. But the followings are some tips and tricks where you can know how to increase shorts views.

Youtube short time duration

The approximate time you get in total is up to 60 seconds but it is not necessary to make your video utilizing that whole time. If you can make your video in less than 60 seconds, then you should.

You should value the time of your viewers and they should feel satisfied after watching your shorts. When you start to prepare your video, remember that it should be compact and concise.

You don’t need to exaggerate anything if it’s not helping. It can be hard to complete your video in such a short time by making your content deliverable but that is why it’s named youtube shorts.

If you are having a hard time completing your video just keep two things in mind. Firstly, youtube’s short duration limits how much time you exactly need to complete this video, and secondly, what else can you eliminate or cut from the set to make it shorter? If you can command this then in some time you will have the most perfect youtube shorts without any hustle.

How to Create worthy youtube Shorts

You should not just start uploading any random content just for the sake of uploading it. Your shorts should be delicious, precise, and most importantly worthy of time. Any viewer should not feel annoyed after watching your youtube shorts.

It should not be a waste of time but create content that acts as a magnet for your audience that they can’t resist watching it. If you are not able to satisfy a viewer in a 15-20 second clip how will you entertain them in a 5-minute video? 

Make your content valuable that whoever watches it gets enticed by your channel and that is how you can build your subscribers as well.

But for that, you need to short duration on youtube work hard, and spend more time thinking about how can you improvise your content for youtube shorts. Be creative and post content that injects excitement inside your viewer’s heart.

Put eye-catching thumbnails On Youtube Shorts

Thumbnails for shorts play a significant role in whether viewers will click on your video or not. The thumbnail is like a pictorial summary of your video or what is it going to be about. Your thumbnail sometimes is the decision-maker for a viewer to click or let it be.

Keeping all these things in mind you should be very careful about choosing your thumbnail on any youtube shorts or videos.

Although, you might be thinking that shorts appear vertically and they keep on playing one after the other continuously so why should I invest time in creating an attractive thumbnail? Yes, it is true but your video doesn’t need to appear in the feature section all the time.

Be creative in title selection

Just like your thumbnail for shorts, your title is a second vital thing that decides and can influence a viewer’s clicks. Be creative and mindful while deciding your title for the shorts or video.

The title of the video is like written information of the summary on which viewers can decide whether to watch it or not. Don’t try to fool your audience by misleading or misguided information coming through the title for views. You will lose the goodwill and trust of your viewers.


Even if you follow all the above-mentioned tricks but are not consistent with your uploads, it will be useless. You need to be regular in uploading your content and keep a check on the numbers.

Inconsistent posts will disturb the algorithm of youtube which will affect your likes, views, and subscribers as well. Your audience needs constant engagement via your posts and if not done so then it will reduce their interest in your channel so be mindful of that.


These are some ways to earn more views on your youtube shorts so keep implementing them and you will always have positive statistics. You might be having confusion about the whole process so we have put together these simple ways to increase your channel’s popularity and we hope it helps.


Q1. How can I increase views on YouTube Shorts?

Ans. Boost views by creating engaging content, optimizing titles and thumbnails, promoting on social media, and engaging with your audience.

Q2. How can I get 10 million views on YouTube Shorts?

Ans. Achieve 10 million views through high-quality content, consistent uploads, effective promotion, collaborations, and understanding of your target audience.

Q3. What’s the best time to post YouTube Shorts?

Ans. The ideal posting time depends on your audience’s demographics and behavior. Experiment with different times and analyze viewer engagement.

Q4. What are the rules for YouTube Shorts?

Ans. Follow community guidelines, and copyright policies, and avoid spam or misleading content. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s terms and conditions.

Q5. Do YouTube Shorts require hashtags?Ans. While not mandatory, relevant hashtags can enhance search visibility and make your content easier to discover on YouTube Shorts.

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