How YouTube Will Monetize Short Videos?

How YouTube Will Monetize Short Videos?

YouTube Premium Revenue – The creator must create content watched by a viewer who is a youtube premium subscriber.Once you are accepted in the YouTube Partner Program, you may get access to these monetization features:-

Ad Revenue– In this feature the member should Be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian older than 18 years of age who can handle your payments and the creator should have to create content that meets youtube advertiser-friendly guidelines.

Channel Memberships – Be at least 18 years old and the creator should also have more than 1000 subscribers country/region where Super Chat is available.

Super Chat & Super Stickers – Be at least 18 years old  and Live in a If you want to earn money through short videos. Firstly you have to apply for  and be accepted to the YouTube Partner also have to qualify for the youtube partner program to receive shorts bonuses as a part of the youtube shorts  fund .

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication for making creative contents, and original Shorts that delight the YouTube community.Once you become a part of the YouTube Partner Program, then you are eligible to monetize your shorts through Adsense. YouTube Shorts come in two different forms. If creators use the Shorts camera, the short limit will be 15 seconds only. In this case, the short video isn’t eligible to earn revenue from Adsense. If a creator uses vertical video, they will be able to make a video that goes up to 60 seconds. The longer YouTube shorts can generate higher Adsense revenue.In 2021, YouTube announced a $100 million fund for YouTube Shorts creators to get more creators to use the shorts feature. YouTube is still advertising this fund and continues to pay the shorts creators. 

Here are the requirements youtube shorts fund:-

Channels need to have at least one eligible Short video uploaded

Creators need to follow the YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules and monetization policies

Channels need to feature only original contents

Creators must be 13 years or older than 13 years

Creators must be between 13 and 18 and must have a parent/guardian to accept the terms and set up an Adsense account.

      1.Requirement for Youtube Shorts Monetization  

     No minimum subscribers are required for youtube shorts monetization
Must have to upload one eligible Short
No minimum watch time is required
Must have AdSense account set up
Must follow YouTube’s community guidelines and monetization policies    mentioned by the you tube. 

    Viewership , Consistency and Engagement

          YouTube pays to  the creators based on the performance of their Shorts from the previous month. If you want to get money from YouTube, you need to produce original content that attracts a lot of viewers, subscribers and has a lot of engagement. One way to do this is by uploading original content consistently on your youtube channel. Creators get money based on views and engagement and location.

Brand Deals      

one more way to monetize your YouTube Shorts is through brand deals. If you do a lot of work and see good results with your Shorts, brands may reach out to work with you. Also, if you feel your Shorts are getting a lot of views and attention from the public, you can approach the top brands yourself to see if they want to partner with you on some content or not.

Your YouTube Earnings And Tax Liability

Earning Shorts bonuses are a great way to be rewarded for good, engaging content on the platform. Keep in mind that you may be liable to pay taxes to your country of residence on any income earned from your youtube shorts monetization. 

2. A Better Way To Make Money through YouTube Shorts

If you want to start your community engagement, then you can take full advantage of its organic reach to guide your followers where you want them to be…

As a video content creator, you always want to have your community fully engaged with you all in one place.

This is Where Uscreen Comes In…

YouTube allows you to directly monetize your branded video-on-demand (VOD) content and live streaming. With a whole host of other ways to personalize the experience for your user and subscribers, such as:-

A completely customizable website to host your video and other content helps you to attract more public to your youtube channel. which will help the content creator in youtube monetization.

The ability to create landing pages that easily direct your viewer through your sales funnel. 

Access to a range of payout models and full control of your cost. 

In-app purchases. 

The ability to run advertisements and give out coupons.

Access to a range of payment options like PayPal,GooglePay,, and Stripe.

Acceptance of payment from 130 international currencies.

3. Conclusion: The Long And Short Of It 

Shorts are an addition to an already incredible platform for creators. And YouTube has said that the Creator Fund is one of the first steps in their ‘journey to build a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube’. 

So if you love creating YouTube videos, and want to build them into a wider marketing strategy, or use them as a space to experiment – Shorts are worth the time investment. 

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