Ideal Length Duration Of YouTube Videos In 2023

Ideal Length Duration Of YouTube Videos In 2023

Most businesses are using videos as their marketing strategy. Nowadays it’s becoming a trend to make longer YouTube videos in the last few years.

One of the important ranking factors on YouTube is watch time. To ensure that video creation is done perfectly, the most common question is “What should be the long duration of YouTube videos? In today’s time, more than 87% of marketers are using videos for their marketing. Most video marketers agree that most of the viewers may exit the video in between once it gets above 10 minutes. While creating a video you need to keep in mind that you have to keep the viewer engaged and interested every second of the entire video.

It frustrates the viewer if they want to see a quick product review but the creator keeps talking about unnecessary topics.  

Ideal Video Length for Monetization

Earning money from YouTube videos is called YouTube monetization. The advertisements we see on YouTube videos are from businesses through the Google AdSense network. If you want to earn money from YouTube videos you have to follow the monetization guidelines of YouTube.You can share videos lasting 5-15 mins. To monetize the videos there is no minimum length. The video should be around 10 minutes because it will allow ad placements. Videos should be of such length that it doesn’t get the user bored instead keep it engaging and interesting.

Ideal Length for YouTube Video Introduction

The ideal length for the YouTube intro should be around 10 seconds. It is best to have a short introduction for YouTube studies show that a longer introduction has declined user engagement. A longer introduction makes the user exit the video.YouTube introduction is best as short as possible. Your intro should be long enough to brand and according to the theme of your channel. It’s best to talk about the topic as quickly as possible because viewers have a short attention span.

Lengths for Different Types of Videos

Short YouTube videos are best but it may not be the case for every type of video. Length for video depends on certain factors as :

  • Topic
  • Age of Target audience
  • Geographic location
  • What is the goal of the video?

Tutorial YouTube Videos

Tutorial videos are How-to instructions for a specific topic. Tutorial videos should not be more than 20 minutes in length. Most of the viewers prefer tutorial videos between 3-5 minutes. Less than 10% of viewers prefer videos for more than 20 minutes.

According to Techsmith “The majority of viewers want informational and instructional videos to be less than 20 minutes, with a preference toward the 3-6 minute ranges. And when we analysed over 50 of our tutorials to measure our videos’ engagement and found that the average length of our tutorials is 3:13”.

Product Review YouTube Videos

While creating review videos, content should be under 3 minutes. The main focus of the video should be on the product during the 3 minutes. In product review videos viewers only wanted information regarding the product. Your video should be long enough to provide relevant details about the product.

Listicle Videos

The lengths of the listicle video may vary depending on the topics covered.

Engagement is very important for these types of videos. Content in a concise manner will keep users engaged and interested. Do not chatter over unnecessary topics keep the introduction short and get straight to the facts.

One of the best listicle YouTube videos is made by Ms. Mojo. Their videos vary depending on the topics, they get straight to the facts and keep the content concise and well-formatted.

Other Factors to Improve Your Marketing Strategy apart from video duration

  • Identify your target audience- You must make your content according to your audience demographics and interests.
  • Optimise video titles and descriptions- Use your keyword according to your content and which has a high search volume. 
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails- Use images that represent your content and are high quality.
  • Consistency and frequency- You must make a schedule and publish your content consistently.
  • Promote your videos on social media- Posting your content on social media increases visibility and engagement.


In conclusion, the length of YouTube videos depends on various factors such as the topic of the video, targeted audience, and user engagement level. Videos between 8-10 minutes are best for monetization because they keep users engaged and make more time for ad placements. When it comes to user engagement and viewer attention the thing that matters most is the quality of the content.

For video introduction, the length between 3-5 seconds is best for representing the brand and theme of your channel without losing the attention of the viewers.

In product review videos the length can vary depending on the topic but 5-10 minutes are enough to describe and provide details about the product.

The video should provide all the necessary details and keep the user engaged so the viewer can decide between buying the product or not. The best thing is to create quality content, engaging and informative.


Q1. What is the ideal length of a YouTube video for monetization?

Your video should be around 8-10 minutes to get monetized. YouTube wants creators to engage more audiences to attract advertisers.

Q2. Are 2 minutes too short for a YouTube video?

Yes, you can make 2 minute video on your YouTube channel but it is advised that the length of the video content should be 5-10 minutes to get more Watch Time on your channel.

Q3. Do longer videos get more views?

Yes, longer videos can get more views as longer videos can run multiple ads on them.

Longer videos can generate more revenue as the engagement time increases with the audience.

Q4. Is it hard to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

4000 watch hours can be achieved but it takes a bit of time investment, consistently posting and creating high-quality content.

Q5. How often should I post on YouTube?

It’s best to post your video 2-3 times a week. So your audience cannot lose interest and move to the other content creator. You have to make sure that your engagement with the audience does not break.

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