It Is Time To Move On To The Next Chapter Of Learning On YouTube

It Is Time To Move On To The Next Chapter Of Learning On YouTube

YouTube is launching new products that will enable users to delve further into the topics they are interested in, and producers to offer structured educational content. People visit YouTube daily to discover new things. People use YouTube to fill their life with fresh knowledge, whether it is for studying a foreign language, finding assistance with school work, or investigating other careers. We’re unveiling enhancements to make educational material even more accessible and interactive for learners while assisting learning creators to thrive on YouTube, as 93% of viewers claim to use YouTube to collect information.

What is structured content?

Structured content is written in a way that makes it adaptable to any interface. It is designed, created, and connected outside of an interface. It entails breaking stuff down into the tiniest, most manageable components, with each of those holding the traits of the object it represents. The majority of the digital material produced by organizations serves as a stand-in for something that is real—a person, a business, an occasion, or a product. much more sustainable. The term “future-friendly” refers to structured content. For instance, constantly rebuilding your website and developing new content for it is no longer feasible.

More sustainable

It is not necessary to replicate a single piece of information for each channel, interface, and delivery method (screen or screenless). It is possible to disassemble content into its component bits, allowing it to move through time and space and appear anywhere. However, content is not exclusive to websites. It’s a resource that must be maintained, much like a garden. Applying the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” to content is a smart concept because it is not “single-use” or disposable. For instance, content can be reused when correctly formatted. A webinar can be converted into a blog post, three five-minute videos, and a slide deck that can be downloaded.

Introducing player for education

We’re introducing YouTube Player for Education, a new YouTube embedded player that displays content on widely used education apps without interruptions like adverts, external links, or recommendations, to enhance the YouTube experience in learning contexts. To begin with, we are collaborating with reputable edtech businesses in the United States, such as EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global. The YouTube embedded player that is already present in Google Classroom will be improved by YouTube Player for Education for an even better YouTube experience.

YouTube learning made more interactive

To give viewers in-depth, structured learning experiences, qualified artists can start offering paid or free Courses as of next year. A Course allows viewers to see the video without ads and have it play in the background. Before being made available in more nations, the beta versions of the courses will initially be introduced in the US and South Korea. Finally, we’re adding Quizzes, a new approach for creators to assist viewers in testing their knowledge, and to help learners apply what they’ve learned. For instance, a math creator who just published a series on algebra can make a quiz on the Community tab to pose a question to their audience on a concept covered in the most current of their videos.

All creators who have the Community tab will have access to Quizzes at the end of the following months after it launches in beta. Learning continues to be YouTube’s top priority. We only recently gave content creators the ability to include metadata, allowing them to focus their work on particular grade levels and subjects. To ensure that Ukrainians may access crucial educational materials even as the war rages on, we have also introduced a Ukrainian version of the Learning destination. Our objective is to continue making learning on the platform simpler for all members of the community, including creators, students in classrooms, and learners all around the world. We want YouTube to be there for you no matter what you want to study next.

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