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Finding your way across the vast world of excellent music has become a profession in and of itself. Even the most ardent fans may find it challenging to connect with the sounds that speak to them and their particular taste with the abundance of excellent music available right now. That’s what Youtube aim to alter. Over 2 billion people visit YouTube every month to listen to their favourite songs. Youtube created a specialised music streaming experience with the YouTube Music app that offers over 100 million official songs in addition to a vast library of live performances, music videos, remixes, podcasts, and uncommon music that you frequently won’t find anywhere else. With all of that musical stuff, YouTube have crafted a customised aural experience to suit your unique tastes and requirements. Youtube created this app with YOU in mind since Youtube understand that no two musical experiences are the same. As part of the extensive YouTube ecosystem, YouTube Premium users also have access to YouTube Music Premium, which lets you listen to all of your music offline or in the background while consuming content ad-free.

YouTube added a tonne of exciting new features to YouTube Music this year in an effort to make it easier for you to discover your new favourite song, customise your own listening experience, and create a community of music lovers unlike any other. Above all, YouTube want you to enjoy yourself while listening to the music. Now let’s begin:


Our goal at YouTube Music is to make the newest and best music accessible to as many people as Youtube can! Youtube always thinking of ways to improve the tools that will assist you through the extensive YouTube Music Library. Youtube have you covered whether you’re looking for the newest hits from big names like Doja Cat or SZA or are enjoying the timeless tunes from your favourite legendary performers like Johnny Cash or Radiohead. It feels like you’re always on a musical journey. Here’s how Youtube facilitating discovery even more:

Locate and play your favourite songs with ease.

YouTube have been quietly updating the YouTube Music app to make it easier for you to search and listen to your favourite songs. Youtube will be releasing a new feature on the Home tab in the upcoming months that will make it easier for you to browse and listen to the music and artists you’ve been listening to often. You can quickly return to your current favourites by opening the YouTube Music app and finding your most-listened-to music content right at the top of the Home page.

In YouTube music app we can just swipe and find new songs.

Youtube unveiled the Samples tab this year, which is a personalised stream of short video snippets aimed at discovering your next great song. A look of the artist, the video, and the song’s vibe can be found in each immersive clip. It’s easy and enjoyable for users to find new songs by just swiping vertically. Discover anything you enjoy? You may see the entire video, browse the album website, start a terrific new radio station, quickly add the song to your collection, share it with friends, make your next favourite playlist, watch the whole video, or even use the song to create your own Short. Navigate to the Samples tab and select your next favourite song.


Every music lover is different. It’s that one song that evokes deep memories from your early years, such as listening to Hüsker Dü’s live rendition of “Candy Apple Grey.” Not to mention the guilty pleasures you tune into when no one else is around. Your identity is reflected in the music you listen to, and Youtube want to provide you a customised listening experience. That’s the location of the magic.Youtube are tailoring the listening experience specifically for you in the following ways:

Customize your listening session to be uniquely you.

Through home suggestions, search results, and pre-existing playlists, stations, and albums, YouTube Music makes it simple for you to start enjoying music. Youtube launched a new radio experience this year that completely turns that idea on its head, making it even easier. With the help of this new feature, users can now build their own radio stations from the ground up by combining essential music building elements to create the ideal radio station. You may adjust your radio to fit your mood, degree of discovery or familiarity with the songs, intended atmosphere, and even whether you’re seeking for mainstream recordings vs deep cuts after deciding which artists to take inspiration from. With a few fast clicks, you can easily customise your radio experience.

Create original playlist art with AI’s assistance.

Youtube are going to start rolling out a new experimental feature on YouTube Music today for English-speaking US users that uses generative AI to produce personalised playlist graphics. With the help of a guided experience, users can easily choose from a variety of graphic themes and options to design a unique cover art that perfectly captures the essence of your own playlists. Having trouble finding the ideal piece of art for your morning commute playlist that is reminiscent of 90s R&B? Relax, Youtube have got you covered. Keep checking back for growth into other languages and locations worldwide.


True, committed fanbase is fostered by YouTube Music’s distinctive blend of music videos, live concerts, album debuts, and short form videos.Youtube want you to be able to connect, enjoy, and share the music you love since you are the lifeblood of our platform as users. Youtube are constantly searching for innovative approaches to support our customers in sharing their discoveries or favourites, growing our community, and enhancing their overall consuming experience. This is the method Youtube are using:

Talk about yourself and make friends with other music lovers.

With the YouTube Music app, Youtube have recently included a new feature that allows you to express yourself and interact with others: comments. With comments, you can be heard by participating in the discussion about a brand-new song, podcast, or old favourite. You can also see what other people are saying by reading or responding to their opinions, all within the music app. You’ll be able to maintain connections with music enthusiasts throughout the YouTube ecosystem by having these comments reflect the same discussions that are taking place on the platform. Excited as hell about the newest Cardi B and Megan the Stallion song video? Join the discussion by adding a comment!

Being able to sing along word for word to your favourite songs is the only thing that makes them even better.

Youtube now released timed lyrics on YouTube Music, so you can follow along with your friends while you listen on screen. You can tap on a certain phrase to get to that section of the song if you’re seeking for that particular section. It is no longer necessary to be the only person at the party who is unable to recall the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Incorporate YouTube music into your upcoming karaoke session!


YouTube Music is committed to making music discovery, personalization, and community-building easier and more enjoyable for users. The platform offers over 100 million official songs, live performances, music videos, remixes, podcasts, and more to cater to a wide range of musical tastes. They have introduced various features to help users discover new music, customize their listening experience, and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. YouTube Music is striving to create a unique and tailored listening experience for each user, with features such as personalized playlists, customizable radio stations, and generative AI-generated playlist art. The platform also encourages user interaction through comments and provides timed lyrics for sing-alongs. Overall, YouTube Music aims to be a comprehensive and user-centric music streaming service.

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