YouTube Shopping Feature: YouTube Starts A New Feature With Shopify

YouTube Shopping Feature: YouTube Starts A New Feature With Shopify

YouTube and Shopify are launching a shopping feature on YouTube. This allows the viewers to shop now from YouTube as well. YouTube raised its bar by implementing this feature. This take is influenced by another popular platform like TikTok. TikTok launched its shopping feature last year, which was only available in Europe. This year, in July, they stepped down this option after it failed to succeed on the platform. However, this new feature of YouTube seems promising for both creators and viewers. This is a great move in terms of competition with other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. YouTube keeps coming up with new experimental updates, which only creates a better experience for the users.

What is Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. It is a great platform for online retailers. It helps small businesses to sell their products online. They have the opportunity to sell through different mediums such as websites, blogs, email, and many more. With Shopify POS, businesses can also sell their products in person.

Shopify is one of the successful platforms, which supports all types and sizes of businesses.

Shopify lets its merchants sell in different ways, be it social media or in-store.

Types of products that merchants can sell on Shopify:

Shopify offers a wide range of varieties such as : 

1. Merchants can sell digital products like audio downloads, ebooks, and so on.

2. They can sell physical products like clothes, jewelry, and many more

3. Goods and services that are sold in person

4. Online courses and webinars

5. Fundraisers and donations 

6. Tickets for events

7. Consultations and even much more other services.

Who can use this shopping feature on YouTube

Since it is still an experimental feature to some extent, it is not yet available worldwide. This feature is being tested on eligible creators in the US. They have the option to tag products from their store on YouTube. Only the US has the option to sell for now, and viewers of Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, and the US can buy the products. This feature soon will be available to other countries, as per the google spokesperson. This feature can be seen on YouTube Shorts, where creators can directly put the link in their video through which viewers can purchase the product easily.

Eligibility to use the shopping feature on YouTube

Only US merchants can sell their products on YouTube and viewers from Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, and the US can purchase for now. To be eligible to sell products on YouTube, the creator must have at least 1000 subscribers on his channel. Soon other countries can also use this feature.

Ways to sell products on YouTube 

Only those creators who have over 1000 subscribers can sell their products on YouTube. 

As prescribed by Shopify, there are three ways through which merchants can sell their products on YouTube and they are : 

1)  Merchants can tag their products on their live stream

2)  Merchants can sell by showing the list of products in a video

3)  A new tab will be provided on the merchant’s YouTube channel that provides the option to feature the products.

How can creators connect to the audience for YouTube Shopping

To sell products to the viewers, creators must build some connection with the audience that could engage them with the creators. Otherwise, creators would not even get the desired reach. Here are some ways through which creators can connect with the audience and sell their products sufficiently.

1. Create a community: In the initial stages, creators need to create a community for their channel so that the products can be sold easily.

2. Evaluation of needs and preferences: Creators should understand what their community ultimately needs and preferences, so that it gives the idea about the right choice of products, as per the demand of the community. This will help the creator to earn more profits and viewers will also get benefits by fulfilling their demands.

3. Live Streams: Live streams are a great medium to connect with your audience. A creator can interact with their audience well through this and can introduce their products as well.

How to connect the Shopify store to YouTube

Here are some easy steps that help to connect the Shopify store to YouTube : 

1) The creator needs to sign in to the YouTube channel.

2) Click on the monetization option that appears in the left menu.

3)  Now the creator has to select the option of the shopping tab. This feature will only appear to the eligible creators for this feature.

4) Click on the get started option, which will only be shown if a creator hasn’t connected YouTube with a shopping retailer.

5)  Instructions will appear on the screen to link the store to the YouTube channel and after which the creator can finally initiate the shopping features.


This new feature holds the capacity to do wonders, in terms of market and competition. Shopify is also one of the leading platforms for online shopping, so their collaboration has a high probability of success. This collaboration will be beneficial for both YouTube and Shopify. YouTube has witnessed immense growth over the years, and its consistency in providing more and better features to the audience is something worth appreciating. This shopping feature can be found in YouTube Shorts, which will make it easier to reach an audience as nowadays people are fond of watching short videos for their entertainment and they can get familiar with various products that are available for sale.

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